Compare and Contrast Codes of Ethics

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Behavioral health professions are governed by codes of ethics, and these are similar in many ways. There are also some differences between each code. This essay is going to cover some similarities and differences between the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADC), National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers (CCM) codes of ethics. I will also be discussing areas of the codes of ethics that were challenging for me, that I viewed as most difficult to maintain, and what areas of ethics stood out to me this semester.

When comparing NAADAC, NASW, and CCM the Ethical Principles there are mostly the same, all exhibit traits of fairness, respect and general good behavior that have laws and rules set to be followed. I also think all believe in Justice fair and equal treatment and meaningful participation in decision making for all. These ethical principles make it able for professionals to stand up for what is right.

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What makes the NAADAC and NASW code of ethics different are that both were written based on different the job descriptions. The NAADAC was written to govern the conduct for addiction professionals, and the NASW was written to govern and protect social workers and social students in the work environment and the client’s they serve.

I notice when looking at NAADAC and the NASW codes of ethics compared to CCM codes of ethics. The CCM protects the public interest and sets standards for professional conduct for case management.

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Case Management can be in many setting cases like Addition and Social work. They are all on the same team when involves Case mangers because up under the CCM its different code of ethics that as to be followed.

What would be most challenging to me would be when working in the field, and difficult to maintain than others would be to Principle one of the NAADC Code of Ethics: (Principle one of the NAADC Code of Ethics: Client Welfare) must look out for the safety and welfare of each client, while also being respectful.

This ethical code will make it very hard for me because I have been around patients who were mandated to go get treatment for drug abuse and they don’t really want to be there, so their behavior is very disrespectful. Some patients who do not care about cussing and hitting a Counselor, so they make the feel unconfutable. Some counselor’s get upset and nasty which that is not the way you conduct yourself with a client. I am not saying that is the way I would react, but just that it would be hard to let a client hit you and cuss you out, without showing any emotions.

Another code of ethics that would also be challenging “Code of Processional Conduct for Case Managers will act with integrity and fidelity”. This principle talks about doing the right thing even if you could get away with doing the wrong thing.

Allowing a client autonomy, when supporting independent decision making, may be hard to follow. Some clients may not be able to differentiate what is wrong from what is right, for example, or could be doing something you know is against the law, or a client might not want to leave a relationship that is bad for them, but you cannot make that decision for them. It would be hard to sit back and watch a situation like that.

Professionals can maintain their awareness of their ethical obligations by having Integrity by doing what is right and not doing the wrong thing. The Code of Conduct is used to guide your decision when faced in a situation that might be unethical. I think also by educating yourself will help you stay informed.

Throughout this course, the topic that stood out to me the most was the module on Confidentiality, “National Association of Social Workers 1.07 Privacy and Confidentiality” Child Abuse and Neglect. It was mind blowing to look at a situation of what could happen when a client tells about a child was abused, even if though may cause trust issues between me and my clients, I have a job to do. I must do what’s best for interest of the child and client, and as a professorial I have a job to do and I realize how important that job is now.

I hope by reading this essay it gave you a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADC), National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers (CCM) codes of ethics, I notice that protects the professional worker and their clients from being treated unfairly, but I also notice that the CCM job helps protect professional and client related to NASW and NAADC. This semester in BHS160 I learnt about the different Codes of Ethics, what was challenging for me, most difficult to maintain, and what areas of ethics that stood out to me this semester.

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