Compare and Contrast: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

Ever wondered how Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece are similar and different? Well, you are in luck! Rome and Greece are often considered the same.Rome and Greece were very different but, they are also very alike.Greece and Rome were very easy to compare, in their leaders, armys, and even their laws.

First, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome’s leaders were often very different. Rome had many different leaders, because Rome was usually an empire. Greece on the other hand, served as the people ruling over the civilization, and in Greece it was extremely rare to have had one leader.

Even though Rome was usually an empire, it’s government oftenly changed back and forth between a republic and an empire. From Ancient Rome Part One: Early Kingdom and Republic I know that, “ Throughout its history, Rome ran on different types of government.” This evidence proves that Rome could have been running the same type of government as Greece, but only on occasions.

Second, Greece and Rome’s armies were both very unique, compared to one another. Greece strictly used their army to protect the civilization, and would not use it to conquer other civilizations. Rome’s army was used almost the exact opposite of Greece’s army. Rome had an army that was used to conquer more than anything else. Though Rome also used its army for protection, it still was the cause of many wars. In Ancient Rome Part One: Early Kingdom and Republic it mentions, “ At its peak, t controlled much of continental Europe, Britain, Asia, northern Africa, and the mediterranean.

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” This shows that Rome used its army to conquer, more than it used it to protect.

Last, how can you compare Greece and Rome’s laws? Rome and Greece both had laws, in order to keep their civilization safe. Rome had its laws posted in a agoria, which was a building anyone was allowed to enter. Greece didn’t have any of the laws hung up. When in court in either civilization, you did have to support you own case, because they had no lawyers in Greece, nor did they in Rome. Democracy: A New in Idea Ancient Greece helps me understand, “..wrote and revised laws and approved or condemned the conduct of public officials. The group made decisions by simple majority vote.” This shows me that Greece did have laws to help the civilization run better.

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