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Compare and contrast Essay

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‘The Necklace’ is set in lives in Paris which is very glamorous. Madame Loisel always wanted to be like Paris, glamorous, exciting, the setting echoed this as she was always surrounded by the glamorous surroundings, this motivated her to almost become these surroundings and to become an important person in the social circles. ‘She was taking a turn in the Champs Elysi?? es, as a recreation after the labours of the week, she perceived suddenly a woman walking with a child.

It was Mme. Forester, still young, still beautiful, and still seductive.

‘ As she walks down the street she sees her old friend who, unlike Madame Loisel, is ‘still young, still beautiful, and still seductive. ‘ In the 1800’s when this story is set the divides between classes were bigger, and although Madame Loisel was not in the bottom class, she was not as high up as she wanted to be; she wanted to be the best that anyone could be, she wanted people to envy her and want to be like her, rather than her wanting to be like someone else.

But Madame Loisel was jobless and her husband made all the money for both her and him, he did not make much money, this frustrated her; he could not give her all she wanted, riches.

This, therefore, shows that the surroundings motivated and frustrated Madame Loisel. If Madame Loisel was around nowadays she would probably be working and earning money or would marry a man who earns a lot of money for her to have a luxurious life without putting a lot of effort in. However, at the end of the story she shows a high level of persistence and works everyday to earn money back, therefore I feel she would probably be more likely to be working hard if she were around today. Maybe nowadays people would be more likely to tell the person they had lost their necklace than in the 1800’s.

Although both in both of these stories the strong willed characters are motivated by their surroundings they are affected in different ways. In ‘Vendetta’ Widow Saverini is motivated by the hatred and vendetta for her sons killer, and in ‘The Necklace’ Madame Loisel is motivated by her want for riches. These two motivating ideas contrast but both motivate each strong willed character to complete what they set out to do. I feel that the setting in ‘Tony Kytes’ does not motivate the strong willed women as much, but the time and small village does.

The women are from a small village and this makes them feel pressured to find a good, well-off husband to look after them. I do not feel that direct surrounding have as much impact on their behaviour compared with ‘Vendetta’ and ‘The Necklace’. In both ‘Vendetta’ and ‘The Necklace’ another method is used to show motivation; symbols. In ‘Vendetta’ the blood sausage is used to show Widow Saverini’s motivation to kill her son’s killer; she kept giving the blood sausage to the dog. This was to train him into killing and when as he finally kills the man, he gets a sausage again; as his reward for killing.

Imagery is another method used in ‘Vendetta’; the setting is shown as being very wild, dangerous and isolated, this echoes how the widow feels about getting revenge on her son’s killer. Her house is isolated; this is exactly how she feels. This isolation highlights her determination and shows how she is cutting off everything else just to fulfil the vendetta to her son. In ‘The Necklace’ the main symbol is the necklace. The necklace represents her desire to be wealthy, and it is carried through throughout the story.

She is continuously reminded of the necklace (her determination to become wealthy and live the luxurious life she wants to lead) because of the debt she must pay off. When she pays off the debt, she finds out that the necklace was worthless and all the work she done was just to please her friend. This changes her as a character and proves that there is more to her than the symbol of the necklace. It also proves that the symbol of the necklace from the very beginning of the story was fake; it was worthless in the beginning and the whole symbol of fortune is false and what she wanted from the beginning was also pointless and worthless.

She was happier without the fortune in the beginning than when she finally accomplished what she set out to do. In ‘Vendetta’ very little dialogue is spoken. The main dialogue spoken is when Widow Saverini is talking to her son’s killer; she says ‘Hello Nicholas’ and gets her dog to kill him. This emphasises how isolated she was from the rest of the world and how she kept herself to herself with nobody else to talk to about what is going on. The small amount of dialogue in the story also makes what this line more significant because it is the only thing she says, the only person she talks to.

One more significant method that the writers illustrate the determination of the women is through the resolution of each story. The resolution of each story shows that the characters changes significantly, either for the better or worse. At the end of ‘Vendetta’, widow Saverini is alone; all her family are dead, in one way this could be perceived as a story where she ends off worse of than at the beginning. However, to Widow Saverini she is better off; her son’s killer is dead and she has fulfilled her vendetta to her son.

At the end of ‘Tony Kytes’, the strong willed women all end up alone, which is worst off than they wanted to be. However, none of the women wanted to marry someone who would not treat them fairly, and felt it would be better to leave him than to stay with him and be put at risk of being made a fool of in such a small village. So for the women, however they feel worse off at the end than the beginning, they are better off compared with if they stayed with Tony Kytes.

At the end of ‘The Necklace’, Madame Loisel has a lot less than what she started out with. When she finds out that ten years worth of hard work to pay off her debt was unnecessary and the necklace was worthless, she realizes that the friendship and honour was more important to her than being wealthy. By the end of the story she is worn down and old, this shows she has lost her youth and her want to be young and glamorous, but she has gained her want and determination to give her friend back the necklace.

This shows that although Madame Loisel has lost 10 years of her working life to pay back for a worthless necklace she has gained respect for herself and gained the appreciation for what she already has. I think that most successful story for making the determination of the strong willed women more obvious is ‘The Necklace’. I think this because I feel that the setting is the most significant in highlighting Madame Loisel’s determination without over powering the actual story line.

I feel that it successfully echoes both the feelings of Madame Loisel and her motivation. I also feel that the symbol of the necklace was also very successful at motivating Madame Loisel. Also the changes in point of view show how each character feels without making the story too one sided.

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