Comparative study of Verisign and TRUSTe Essay

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Comparative study of Verisign and TRUSTe

Web security: Comparison of websites of two companies, Verisign and TRUSTe In the modern world of business, where internet is being used on a large scale, web security is an important aspect that must be looked into for the purpose of development of business. This is extremely beneficial for people or organizations that are involved in e-commerce in some or other way. The advantage is that, if one is signing up with any of these two companies, they would provide a seal which would be displayed in the organization’s website.

This would in turn increase the trust of their customers especially while passing highly confidential information such as credit card numbers. This would finally result in increasing their confidence in the organization and thereby increasing business. The present essay is intended to analyze and compare the websites of two such companies Verisign and TRUST e that offer web security for wide range of customers. Verisign provides a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate to the organizations who are signing up with them and they would provide a guarantee for security in e-commerce, communications and other interactions through internet.

The other products include domain name services, identity and authentication services, enterprise security services, communication services, code signing, internet defense network and content and messaging services. In addition, they also provide a wide range of solutions for financial services, consumer products and retail companies, healthcare and life sciences and public sector. They offer extended validation services also to add on to the confidence on the site.

From their website it could be understood that they offer 14 day trial offer to those who want to understand the benefit of signing up with them, before actually doing so. The site appeared to be very complex and loaded with unnecessary information. The link for existing customers did not show the names of any customer who are using their services currently. The important products of TRUSTe include web privacy seal, email privacy seal, EU safe harbor seal, Children’s privacy seal and Japan privacy seal. The site appeared to be simple less complex and could be easily understood.

The mission of this company is the same as Verisign, but Children’s privacy seal which would guarantee security of information about child to the parent and Japan privacy seal which provide a security seal for all websites in Japanese language are additional programs in this site. The email privacy seal would be highly beneficial to those organizations that are undertaking email campaigns. EU safe harbor privacy seal would be beneficial to those who are doing business in Europe. It would be possible to get certification with EU Directive on Data Protection known as safe harbor framework, which is developed jointly by U. S.

Department of Commerce and European Commission. This is an indication of world-class privacy standards. A trial offer is not provided in this site, but links for audio and video exerts that are intended for easy understanding of the products by clients are given. Another important attraction of the site is the display of satisfied customers for each of their programs who are world leaders in web business. Other interesting links include link for news related to web security and TRUSTe, industry events etc. They also publish a business newsletter which would carry information regarding the latest developments in the field of web security.

Compared to Verisign the number of products specifically meant for business groups are less in this company. Solutions that include industry and business solutions offered by Verisign is not offered here. Thus after comparing the two site, it was found that the site of TRUSTe appeared to be simple to understand and less complex, but with more details and more helpful and truthful links. Verisign offers more products and even offer a trial period. It was felt that most of the big business organizations might prefer the service of Verisign compared to TRUSTe.

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