Comparative Relations Essay Topics

Sino-Japanese relations

Sino-Japanese relations are destined to have a profound impact on Southeast Asia. After all, as noted by Stephen Leong, “For Asia to be secure, Japan and China have to be getting along” … Otherwise the security architecture of Asia will change. China, Japan and the US may not enjoy the most comfortable of partnerships, considering… View Article

Japan-Soviet Relations in 1970s

Japan and Russia are only among the major combatants in World War II that have failed to sign a peace treaty fully normalizing their relations. The immediate cause of this strained relation is the inability of Tokyo and Moscow to agree on the ownership of the Kurile Islands, which the Soviet Union captured and occupied… View Article

International and Comparative Relations

As the number of hired workers in companies raises so are the Human Resources Managers facing more challenges as they need to maintain a competitive edge in their business both at home and abroad. China’s entry into the World Trade Organization created fresh opportunities which resulted to some firms retreating and others expanding (Bamber, Lansbury… View Article