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Comparative Analysis Literary Works Essay

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Did you know that many books, poems, and other literary works, sometime share some similarities or same point of views on a topic? Well, these similarities can be anything from the same setting, same characters, etc, and sometime they may have similarities in their conflicts. Like in the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare and in the story, “The Coldest Winter Since 1854” by William Saroyan. Both of these literary works had many similarities but one major similarity is in their conflicts, but what are their major conflicts in both of these works and how are both of these conflicts similar? Well you are just about to find out.

In the story, “The Coldest Winter Since 1854” our main character, Dewey, a young boy who is in school, share his love to another young girl named Emma, by giving her a love letter. Soon the teacher finds out about this “love letter” and sent him to the office. He later spends a whole day with the principal as his punishment, but what is the conflict? Well later, the principal, Mr.

Bowler, ask Dewey to stop being in love with Emma, why? Well it’s because of his social stats. You see, Dewey is just “a poor man’s son and Emma is a rich man’s daughter” so they’re not fit to be together, which Dewey is force to accept this fact, but Dewey may still continue to love her.

In A Midsummer’s Night Dream, the story is a little different. In this plot, taking place along time ago in the city of Athens, one of the characters named Lysander, a young man, is in love with a young woman named Hermia, and Hermia is in love Lysander as well. So what’s the problem? Well Hermia’s father, Egeus is the problem. Egeus doesn’t want her daughter, Hermia, to marry Lysander, instead, he want her to marry Demetrius. Demetrius is another young man that Hermia’s best friend, Helena is in love with. But can Egeus make Hermia marry Demetrius? Well under the law of Athens, he can. The law said that a daughter must follow what her father said; otherwise she is put to death. So Hermia and Lysander decided to run away together to another city, where the laws are different and get marry there. Which later, Helena tells Demetrius about their plan. Soon later, most of characters are in magical forest, late at night, where it starts to go downhill from there.

Now that you know part of these works, and their main conflict, you may be wondering, how can these conflicts be any similar? Well if you readied carefully, you may had noticed their similarities. In both stories, there is a love connection between two characters. In “The Coldest Winter Since 1854”, it’s between Dewey and Emma, and in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, it’s between Lysander and Hermia, and later in the plot, it’s also between Demetrius and Helena. Another similarity is that in both stories, is that the guy can not be with the girl he like, because of an issue that preventing them to be together. In “The Coldest Winter Since 1854”, Dewey can not be with Emma because of his social stats; he is the son of a poor man, while Emma is the daughter of a rich man, and them being together would cause huge trouble for him and her.

While in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Lysander can’t be with Hermia because of Hermia’s father, Egeus. Egeus is forcing Hermia to marry Demetrius instead of Lysander, and under the law of Athens, he can that. So now you should be able to notice the similarities between the two stories, but if you still can’t, another good example would be from another book called Jake Reinvented. In this book, Jake, the main character of the book, can not date an popular girl he like, because of his social stats, so he moved and goes to this new school, where the girl he likes, goes there too, and pretends to be a popular guy, by doing stuff like being on the football team, hanging out with the popular crowd and throw huge parties.

So as you see, these literary works, both had many similarities, one of them being in their similar conflicts, and these are not the only stories that share similarities between two different stories. There are a huge list of stories, poems, novels, and even in songs, movies and so many more. Who know how many similarities there could be. So why not try for yourself, and see if any stories, share any similarities between each other like these two stories did.

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