Comparative analysis Essay

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Comparative analysis

This paper is a summarized explanation and a comparative analysis of dissection on three different species: a cat, a snake, and a frog as stated on the sites http://bio. bd. psu. edu/cat/ and http://www. hometrainingtools. com/articles/reptile-amphibian-comparative-dissection-guide. html. The first site helped us through on how to properly dissect a cat. The site was pretty helpful in determining the different body systems of the cat and the parts located on each of the system.

Clicking the different links showed us a labeled diagram of each of the body system. There is no description about each part of the system however, one will be able to picture out how these look like and will further help in locating them during dissection. Dissection in cats seemed to be the most complicated process among the three species. This was shown by clicking on the “external anatomy” link. It was pretty hard to follow through it because the procedures on how to perform it step by step weren’t enumerated.

Although these illustrations told us the exact areas and location on where to do the incision, it was hard to follow the dissection process by merely looking at the illustrations. This page, however, was proven to be effective in identifying not just the major organs of the cat but also in identifying the minor parts of each of the body system. The page illustrated the procedure on how incision was done using the existing rule on planes of division: sagittal, parasagittal, and transverse plane1. The incisions done using these planes as points of references showed the major organs of the cat.

Skinning was then performed according to what was shown in the picture and this process separated the membranes from the organs1. The illustration on directional terminology was also helpful and further guided us in locating the organs. On the other hand, dissecting a snake and a frog proved to be easier compared to cats not just because these two species have simpler anatomy but also Dissection 2 because the detailed procedure on how to do dissection was enumerated on each of the two. Dissecting a frog first involved a cut done across the belly using a scalpel.

A middle incision is then performed from just below the legs up until the chin. A horizontal cut above the arm and below is also done and a vertical one to the cloacal opening. After pinning down the flaps, the major parts of the frog such as the heart and those organs from the digestive system were exposed. Some organs were located underneath another organ so probing using our fingers was helpful in locating them2. To guide us through on what to locate and how to locate the organs, there was a link on the site that provided us with a labeled diagram.

Dissecting a snake, based on what was stated on the site, was the easiest process among the three species. It only involved one long incision and the internal organs of the snake were shown. This cut was done at the center of the ventral surface starting from the cloacal opening up until the throat. The skin on either side was then pulled back to further expose the organs2. These organs were pretty identifiable with the aid of the descriptions cited on the page. The link that showed us a labeled illustration of a snake also helped us in properly locating its organs.

Overall, the two sites were proven to be both effective and helpful in guiding students on how proper dissection is done on cats, snakes, and frogs. Some may find dissection a hard task but for as long as the steps are carefully followed and performed, everything will be done perfectly.


1. Virtual Cat Dissection from http://bio. bd. psu. edu/cat/ 2. Home Training Tools, Ltd. (2008). Frog and Snake Dissection from http://www. hometrainingtools. com/articles/reptile-amphibian-comparative-dissection-guide. html

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