Comparative Essay Topics

A Comparative Film Review

Today, the depiction of war is becoming more vivid and realistic. Audiences are more critical of how a move catches the actual events that transpired and of how they can relate to the emotions in the movie. The movies “Saving Private Ryan” and “We Were Soldiers” are two of the most popular modern day films… View Article

Comparative study of Verisign and TRUSTe

Web security: Comparison of websites of two companies, Verisign and TRUSTe In the modern world of business, where internet is being used on a large scale, web security is an important aspect that must be looked into for the purpose of development of business. This is extremely beneficial for people or organizations that are involved… View Article

Comparative analysis of formalist and realist film theory

Current essay provides a comparative analysis of formalist and realist film theories, based on theoretical approaches, innovations, critical findings and film-making practice of such renowned representatives of both currents of the film theory as Eisenstein, Arnheim and Bazin. Before beginning the analysis of the abovementioned subjects, one should point out that the difference between form… View Article

Comparative analysis of two stories

Amy Tan (2004) wrote a very excellent story on the struggles living and growing in two different cultures. There is humor in the story right at the very beginning. The mother pictured as training her child to become a child prodigy with very little resources, including that of a botched hair job and subsequently having… View Article

Role in international relations of International trade

International trade is simply defined as the exchange of goods or services along international borders or territories. The main distinctive factor between IT and domestic trade is that it international trade is typically more costly than domestic trade because of the additional costs such as tariffs, time costs due to border interruptions and costs linked… View Article

Religion a tool of oppression

Religion is an important aspect of life; it influences a high proportion of many things. The odd part is that many people are not actually clear on what a religion is. There are several key aspects that make something a religion although the exact details can vary. In reality there is no firm agreement on… View Article

Power of trade

 1. Use the idea of the division of knowledge to answer the following questions. (a). Which country has more knowledge: Utopia, where in the words of Karl Marx, each person knows just enough about hunting, shing, and cattle raising to hunt in the morning, sh in the afternoon, [and] rear cattle in the evening, or… View Article

Comparative mythology

Joseph Campbell’s term monomyth, also referred to as the hero’s journey, refers to a pattern found in many stories from around the world. In a monomyth, the hero begins in the ordinary world, and receives a call to enter an unknown world of strange powers and events. There begins many challenges and successes which plot… View Article