Company Original Travel Essay

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Company Original Travel

When identifying the different stakeholders based around Nick Newbury’s company, Original Travel, we can pick out those who have the highest power and interest. Nick Newbury and his co-founders, Alasdair and Tom, whose main role is to provide tailor-made short breaks, possess these two factors. Their primary expectations are too make a profit from the sales of their quirky holidays, but also see a growth on the company. By merging Original Travel with Tim Best Travel highlights this growth with a new need to offer the longer, 7 – 14 day holidays, which will “complement Original Travel’s long weekend breaks” and break it out of its niche.

Another category we can identify from the article is Category B, those with low power and high interest; staff of Original Travel. The concerns of staff will also grow when the company merges with Tim Best Travel as this could result in job losses or pay cuts for the employees. These two losses are the primary expectations of these stakeholders which could further result in loss of job satisfaction or failure in social integration when the two companies merge and personalities / working ethics could clash.

The unique hand-crafted holidays of Original Travel mean that the customers that use these facilities stay loyal and continue to use Original Travel as their go-to travel agency. Nick Newbury’s secondary role should be too keep these returning customer’s happy by giving them exactly what they want and making each holiday unique to each client. The article explains to us that more than half of Original Travels multimillion pound income is brought in from returning clientele, whilst 40% of the profits are brought in from the longer holidays that Tim Best Travel offers.

Sociological factors:
Having the knowledge to be able to create hand-crafted breaks.
Being able to tailor to all types of customers.
Keeping up with their wants and needs as they evolve.
One example will be that the older generation are now working for longer and have access to more health benefits, allowing them to go on longer or more adventurous holidays.

Technological Factors:
Taking into account that holidays can now be booked online from at home. Popular use of comparison websites.
Nick may consider advertisement within local newspapers/newsletters to expand his customer base, or setting up his own website which could be accessed through search engines and in advertisement links on relatable WebPages.

Economic Factors:

The recession taking a hit on England meaning people are having to priorities their spending. “Top spot in these testing times goes to paying off credit card bills and bank overdrafts” The Daily Telegraph, March 31, 2009. Rise in the unemployment rate which may result in loss of sales from the local/surrounding areas.

Environmental Factors:

Linking with economic factors – rise in fuel prices which will fluctuate the cost of overseas holidays. Nick can maintain the loyalty of his customers by making the efforts to make his company “green” by offering more environmentally friendly holidays that don’t involve going overseas.

Political Factors:

Rising threats in terror across the world that were once holiday “hotspots” which has also now spread across London where Original Travel is based. Rise in tax on the goods and services which may be used by Original Travel.

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