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Company Information

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (516 words)
Categories: Company
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After a tragedy like the Comair 2004, scheduling system break down, a preliminary question that arises in the minds of every one is this that what was the cause behind this break down. This study also deals with the similar question and their possible resolutions that can be presented to Comair; so that they can acquire advanced system softwares for their business management in every aspect. In this study, we deal with the information systems and information technology strategy and a discussion regarding its support with its business strategy.

In addition, this study explains the procedures through which Comair should develop its new system and resolutions for the various issues related with the people, organization and technology in the process of development of new systems. Company Information Comair is a U. S. based regional airline carrier. It is a wholly possessed subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. It is situated in un-incorporated Boone County, Kentucky, United States.

Comair airline carrier is one of the world’s largest regional airlines, as it has over $1 billion annual revenue.

The integrality of its fleet comprises of varieties of a single type, the Bombardier Aerospace CRJ. Comair is operating under the brand name of Delta Connection. It directs passenger services to a multitude of destinations in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. The Comair airline employs nearly around 7,000 airline professionals who, jointly, supervise and control more than 1,100 daily flights that usually carry 30,000 passengers. The company started its business operations as independent carrier; but now it is working as a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines.

Corporation’s significant routes include major hubs and markets which are as under: ? Atlanta ? Cincinnati ? Orlando ? New York ? Washington D. C. Boston Further, to its existing business operations at New York’s JFK Airport, Comair started up an extra crew component and hub city. This company had the most depleted percentage of on time flights in comparison to all major U. S. carriers. All this progress of the corporation was due to its beginning of operations at JFK. All the through its business operations, it has been an award-winning pioneer in the regional carrier industry.

The FAA and various other trade magazines have several time distinguished Comair for its business operations related profitability, management, time-keeping, cancellation and lost luggage statistics. All this went as wastage for the company in December 2004, when company’s critical legacy system failed and it suffered from public relations nightmare. This huge fault in Comair’s flight crew scheduling software pushed the airline to finish all the operations, laying its entire schedule of 1,100 flights.

This failing of company’s legacy system ruined the holiday plans of 30,000 travelers, which was of course a critical situation for Comair. Both the Comair and Delta went through a loss of $20 million. Though, the accelerator for the tragedy was an inauspicious run of bad weather, but it ruined company’s position and image in the minds of its customers, as they used to trust over the companies operations, which were in reality failed to comply with their expectations (Comair 2007).

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