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Wolf of Wall Streets in the Organizational Culture and Change

...After cultures are established and maintained in an organization, they tend to persist over a long time until bad news concerning the culture may occur (Lewis, 2014). The bad news can lead to the culture failing to fit in the organization. For instance, Naomi feels she cannot tolerate the behavior of his husband Jordan and decides to divorce her with full custody of their daughter (Ritti & Steve, 2010).In order to change a culture, there is basic process that involves three phases that inclu...

There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship

...In a democratic society, who are not satisfied with their leaders are welcome to organize and peacefully make a case for the recommended change or can try to vote out those leaders at the approved time for elections. Democracies require more than a special vote from their people to stay healthy. They require steady commitment, time and attention of very large number their people who in turn rely on the government to protect their freedoms and rights. Moreover citizens in a democracy are free to ...

Organizational structure as a determinant of performance: Evidence from mutual funds

...SWOT analysis refers to the analysis conducted on a company to check on its strengths, weaknesses, the various opportunities it has as well as the threats that it faces in the course of carrying out its operations (Unilever SWOT Analysis, 2012). This analysis helps in determining whether a company is in a better position as compared to its competitors and can help in making important decisions. It helps in identifying opportunities which a company can take on as well as th...

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Organizational Culture and Strategic Human Resource Management

...Conclusively, research has been done which shows how national cultures are diversified and how they influence the behaviors of the employees, this inspires optimism on the emerging perspectives related to SHRM practices and culture (Siddique, 2013: p.230). Globally, there is a lot of research that is carried out on how organizations allocate resources, make decisions, manage, negotiate and motivate employees, develop and train their employees (Linn, 2008: p. 90). These res...

Effective Team and Performance Management

... RecommendationsFollowing the discussion above and the conclusions that have been made regarding the role of teams in the organisations and how their performance can be measured and improved, there are various recommendations to the management of companies that will lead to the better performance of teams and the organisations in general. The management of Electric Company should develop a human resource development program aimed at training the team leaders on the formal decision maki...

Stealing within an organization

... Stealing increases an organization’s expenditure due to high security costs. An organization spends a lot of money to prevent stealing of its properties. There are many security personnel who are employed. There is also expenditure for security items such as cameras. These expenditures are so high and affect the net profit of an organization (Singer, 1994, p.14).It leads to closure of some organization. There are some organizations which have been closed due to continuous stealing o...

Analysis of Starbucks coffee company’ employees misunderstanding using organizational behaviour approach

... Organization behaviour is the study how individual and groups of people interact with the internal processes of an organization with respect to effectiveness of a company. Starbucks coffee company experienced a change in behaviour of employees in New Zealand after a misunderstanding on the increment of wages to $ 12 a day. The employees’ change of behaviour affected the effectiveness of the company resulting to poor economic performance. Therefore, it was necessary for the co...

Intergroup Relations.Group behavior in organizations

... Management of organization needs to take advantage of conflicts and competition among groups by applying necessary strategies that will give positive outcomes. One of the strategies is ensuring efficient communication channels within the company to ensure equal access to information by all the groups(Robbins, 2014). Another strategy is providing a clear definition of role and responsibilities for each group to avoid a clash of roles. Equal resource allocation among the differen...

Perceived Organizational Support, Organizational Commitment and Service-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behaviors

...When employees are given voice, there are various benefits which an organization or company is able to realize in the short and long run. As the company, Blaze, transitions from its old operations to its “new normal” it would important that Andrea gives the staffs a voice and allow them to be part of the decision making process (Christ, Emett, Summers, & Wood, 2012). The employees should be given a voice in routine operations that closely affect their work as well as on matters that deal...

Organizational Behavior across Cultures

...The information above is true in relation to the case study. After realizing that he had violated the cultural rules of the UAE, John responded well by apologizing to Ahmad. Moreover, Ahmad also apologized to John for being rude and for not considering that he was from a different cultural background. The effective communication that ensued was vital in establishing a good relationship between John and the other employees. Cultural sensitivity was instrumental in developing efficient relationshi...

Employee Resourcing and Development

...GOV.UK. (2013). Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). Accessed 17th November 2013 https://www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay Newcombe, T. (23 May 2013). Stress and presenteeism "sapping UK productivity", says research. HR Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hro/news/1077290/stress-presenteeism-sapping-uk-productivity-research Baker-McClearn, D. et al. (2010). Absence management and presenteeism: the pressures on employees to attend work and the impact of attendance on performance. Human Resource...

Strategic Management Exam Notes

...-To make, distribute and sell the finest quality all-natural ice cream and related products in a wide variety of innovative flavors made from Vermont dairy products. -To operate the Company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees. -To operate the Company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in the structure of society by initiating innovative...


...As a task for purchasing and supply management, coordination is a conscious attempt to harmonise the tasks and activities of this function to ensure full cooperation in the pursuit of purchasing and supply objectives. The main coordinating mechanisms of purchasing and supply management with other functions in the organisation, and with suppliers and customers, are definitely computer systems such as electronic data interchange(EDI), materials planning (MRPII) and distribution requirements planni...

The McKinsey 7S Framework

...The analysis should be made in a way that you can rate the quality of the relations between different elements and state if they fit perfectly. If it does not, there are two possible ways to find a solution: the firm can work to change the aspects of the “S`s” that are misaligned or it can change the strategy so it fits with the current situation of the company. As you make adjustments and realign the elements, it will start a iterative process. You will keep making them and reanalysing to s...

Business issues and the context of HR

...The first thing HR did, it was to select two champions among the most senior and influencing employees, trained them on the reform and invite them to share the news with the team. This approach was useful to create a good feeling about the reform and all the changes related to it. Then, during the sixty day consultation period, HR organized workshops during which, financial expert from Capita, presented and explained the reform and its consequences and gave personalized advice to the employees. ...


...I will use stakeholder approach for the outreach program become reality. The idea of stakeholder approach to strategic management, suggests that managers must formulate and implement processes which satisfy all and only those groups who have a stake in the business. The central task in this process is to manage and integrate the relationships and interests of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and other groups in a way that ensures the long-term success of the firm. A sta...

Boundaryless organisation

...The boundaryless organization is a paradigm shift that recognizes the limitations inherent in separating people, tasks, processes, and places, and emphasizes the benefits of moving ideas, information, decisions, talent, and actions where they are most needed (Ashkenas, Ulrich, Jick, & Kerr, 1995). Companies often use a boundaryless organizational structure when they (1) collaborate with customers or suppliers to provide better-quality products or services, (2) are entering foreign markets th...

The Company's Philosophy on Corporate Governance


Edgar Schein Model

...The third level is the assumed values of the employees which can’t be measured but do make a difference to the culture of the organization. There are certain beliefs and facts which stay hidden but do affect the culture of the organization. The inner aspects of human nature come under the third level of organization culture. Organizations where female workers dominate their male counterparts do not believe in late sittings as females are not very comfortable with such kind of culture. Male emp...

Small Business Enterprise

...- SmallBusinessNotes.com. [online] Available at: http://www.smallbusinessnotes.com/marketing-your-business/promotion-plan.html#ixzz2nms07OmS [Accessed: 18 Dec 2013]. Toolkit.smallbiz.nsw.gov.au. (2013). Advertising and Promotions. [online] Available at: http://toolkit.smallbiz.nsw.gov.au/part/3/12/61 [Accessed: 18 Dec 2013]. Ward, S. (2013). Writing The Business Plan: Section 5. [online] Available at: http://sbinfocanada.about.com/cs/businessplans/a/bizplanmarkplan_4.htm [Accessed: 18 Dec 2013]....

Strategic Management Components

...The U.S. Army is a very mission oriented strategic organization. It is important that this organization wins its efforts. It is evident that the Army uses a strategic management process. The Army uses Environmental Scanning to educate itself on external opportunities and threats. Its sizes up other threats and also environmental concerns that call affect a mission success. An Army unit will access it strengths and especially weakness in order to determine effectiveness. Strategy formulation is i...

Customer Service

...Customer service is important because customer service does more than simply provide a means to drive sales. It is also said that when companies have a commitment to a customer service this raises the bar of competition. There are following tip for good customer services. Excellent customer service begins at the initial greeting. In this situations, using good people skills will increase the chances for a positive first impression. For example, saying hello with a smile to a customer who just w...

Organization and Management Analysis

...Chron. (2014). Organizational Theory. Retrieved from http://http:www.smallbusiness.chron/organizational-theory. Coulter, M. & Robbins, S.P. (2012). Management. (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Jones, J. (2006). How to Analyze an Organizational Structure. Retrieved from http://www.smallbusiness.chron.com/analyze-organizational-structure-11818.html. Liebler, J.G. & McConnell C.R. (2012). Management Principles for Health Professionals. (6th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bar...

The advantages and disadvantages of virtual organization

...Managers are hard to measure the performance and commitment of their employees as they work at their own places rather in the traditional office which managers could see their workers every day. Lastly, it makes communication more difficult for virtual offices because there are less physical interactions and we need to arrange the actual time and date for an online meeting. Similarly, workers who are working in different time zones will even find it more difficult in order to communicate with o...

The Customer is Always Right

...In this report, I discussed my opinions about the business philosophy of ‘the customer is always right’. I discussed my thoughts and feelings on this subject and the steps I will take to enhance my customers’ experience. I finally discussed the strategies I thought provided a more useful alternative to the subject. There might be a difference in what people want and what they actually do; regardless, it is very important to listen to your customers. It is extremely important to know what y...

Organisational structure of British Airways

...This structure considers the importance which represent the customers without whom, no organization can remain long-lasting and show good results. This structure consists in determining need for every specific category of customers of the company to satisfy them at best. The structure which adopts British Airways articulates around the baptized project "Compete 2012" to answer the bigger and bigger customer requirements and to become eventually the leader regarding customer service in the aerona...

Functional areas in Tesco and Oxfam

...Finance department looks at income and outgoings of the business, as well as fundraising and collecting money for various campaigns Tesco’s area is retail and maximasing profit, gaining new customers and keeping the existing ones, so the structure is streamlined and compact. Oxfam’s activities are much more varied, from gaining income from charity shops, concerts and events, through legal work that advocats do to change regulations, to hands on material help and organising r...

Creative Deviance: Apple Org Chart

...In all these cases, an approach like Apple’s would have shut down some of the most successful products these companies ever produced. Doing “business as usual” can become such an imperative in a hierarchical organization that new ideas are seen as Threats rather than Opportunities for development. It’s not immediately apparent why top-down decision making works so well for one highly creative company like Apple, while hierarchy nearly ruined innovations at several other organizations. It...

Staffing Strategies Human Resources

...•Anderson, N. & Sleap, S. (2004). An evaluation of gender differences on the belbin team role self-perception inventory. Journal Of Occupational And Organizational Psychology, 77 (3), pp. 429--437. •Axelrod, E. Handfield-Jones, H. & Welsh, T. (2001). War for talent, Part 2. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2: pp. 9-12. •Barney, J. B. & Wright, P. M. (1997). On becoming a strategic partner: The role of human resources in gaining competitive advantage pp.103-110. •Belbin, R. M. (1981). ...

Anti-Discriminatory Practice

...Visual display- These need to show positive images and avoid stereotypes so a display in a day care centre could have pictures showing older people who are actively doing things like ballroom dancing and cycling. The display should also celebrate the achievements of the different service users, so it might be that photographs are on display to show these achievements. Toys and books- it provides positive image of gender and race. They both sexes should be encouraged to play with all toys, such a...

Rapid, volatile and discontinuous change

...In conclusion, under the economic development and the rapid, volatile and discontinuous changes in global market, all industries are facing huge challenges to maintain their business. CEOs have responsibilities to upgrade their companies’ management strategies in order to adapt the changing of global business environment. However, there are large scale of uncertainties in today’s market and plenty of risky consequences, CEOs have to introduce and implement the most efficient strategy to keep...

Social Media's Effect on Organizational Behavior

...Brotherton, P. (2012). Alternative Workforce Programs Are on the Rise. T+D, 66(3), 28. Chandler, S. (2013, March 12). The Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Why Your Strategy May Be Working Better Than You Think. Forbes. Retrieved April 9, 2013, from http://www.forbes.com/sites/work-in-progress/2013/03/12/the-hidden-benefits-of-social- media-marketing-why-your-strategy-may-be-working-better-than-you-think/ Deloitte; (June 30, 2012 ). The Social Divide - Employees, Executives Disagree on ...

The Manila branch: VBD Report

...Moda must make improvements to the Manila branch in order to resolve the issue and avoid further complications. The following recommendations must be implemented to avoid further issues emerging from this branch: -Establish a long-term plan that is consistent with Manila’s natural environment in order to establish high quality standards without breaching the organisation’s ethics and standards. -Management must implement a more effective control process to ensure that the quality and ethical...

Organisation Study at Minar Ispat PVT LTD

...This industrial training has been completed within frame work laid down in the objective of the study. This study has depicted the overall performance of the organization and its efficiency. From the analysis, it is clear that the organization has been working under the efficient organizational structure. The study is indicating the production activities, financial, performance, operational efficiency, HR activities etc.from the analysis it is clear that the organization follow a good system of ...

Is It Ok To Cry At Work, Case Study

...I have studied in chapter 1 that it is the manager’s responsibility to motivate the employees and make sure that they are working efficiently to contribute to the progress of the organization. Also they should Improve communication between staff and managers. By this they can be friends and work together in a better way. The organization should get involved with the employees seek to understand and try to solve their problems. They should avoid displaying negative emotions like scolding, shout...

Distinguish Between Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict


Ulrich Assignment

...Website: http://www.goingforhr.be/extras/web-specials/hr-according-to-dave-ulrich accessed March 2013 Website: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hr/features/1014777/the-business-partner-model-lessons-learned accessed March 2013 Website: http://www.director.co.uk/magazine/2011/3_march/hr-director_64_07.html accessed March 2013 Book: Ulrich & Brockbank, 1997; Choi & Wan Ismail, 2008 Website: http://www.cipd.co.uk/NR/rdonlyres/6ED61983-0123-4885-AA59-51505F553297/0/9781843983149_sc.pdf accessed M...

Effective Communication in Organizations

...communication insights: Effective approaches for reaching clients and co-workers. (2011, Nov 03). PR Newswire. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/901880619?accountid=27313 Kandlousi, N. S. A. E., Ali, A. J., & Abdollahi, A. (2010). Organizational citizenship behavior in concern of communication satisfaction: The role of the formal and informal communication. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(10), 51-61. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/821297...

Functional Areas of Business

...The link between planning and performance is widely connected because of the ever-changing business climate in globalization, technology advancement, deregulation, and emerging new markets (Meers & Robertson, 2007). Each functional area of business is considered a building block with a specific purpose or specialty that it is accountable for. When those building blocks are formed together, they provide the foundation and structure upon which the business operates as an entity. Managers are t...

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