Communtiy service assignement Essay

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Communtiy service assignement

In your own words, answer the following questions.

1. What does the term ‘risk of significant harm’ mean?
Answer q1. If the circumstances that are causing concerns for the safety welfare and wellbeing are present to significant extent.

2. What are the types of child abuse?
Answer for q2.

3. Identify three possible indicators or signs for each type of child abuse/neglect. Answers q3
1 physical > bruising behaviour problems depression anxiety 2 sexual > bed wetting ,nightmares , scared of people touching them 3 neglect >can be unbathed dirty, little to no food ,too big or small clothing thats dirty

4. What does the term ‘mandatory reporter’ mean?

Answer q4
a mandatory reporter is a person that delivers health care education or children services to a child/ren under 16 and authorise by the department community services and required to make reports

5. Why is it important to adopt an ‘interagency approach’? Answer q5

1,promoting a partnership approach to child protection

Task 2
Read the case studies below and answer the questions that follow.


You are a worker in a family support agency. Your service offers facilitated playgroups each week to young and isolated mothers. Jamelle is a 1year old and attends each week with her mother. Jamelle is a very timid and does not interact with other children during play time. On a few occasions Jamelle has arrived with several large bruises which Jamelle’s mother has explained as accidents that had occurred whilst Jamelle was attempting to walk by herself. Jamelle often arrives smelling strongly of stale urine and appearing dirty and unwashed. When they arrived today for the playgroup Jamelle had bloodshot eyes and was very drowsy. Jamelle’s mother reported that Jamelle had not slept well that night and would probably need a lot of sleep today. During the session Jamelle began to vomit.

1. What are the indicators of risk?

Answer q1.
3.suspected risk of significant harm

2. How you would respond to this situation?
Answer q2
1.document and report to supervisor
2.investigate or possible involvement of police and DOCS ambulance to protect the health and safety of the child

3. How would you prepare to make a report?
Answer q3
1. time and date sign all documented
2.follow all policy and procedures in your work place
3.details of child ,dob name , address phone number, parent or carer if child has disability any back ground if known

4.document what the mother has stated
4. Who would you notify and when?
Answer q4
1.immediately discuss situation with your supervisor after you suspect the abuse to the child

5. What actions/work practices you would take as a follow up from the report. Answer q5
1.offer support and help for family for family eg counselling parental courses
3.comply with your work place policy and procedures


You are case worker in a local service that supports families where one of the parents has a mental illness. Your service offers a range of support services, one of which is a weekly support group for children aimed at reducing isolation and developing coping skills for dealing with a parent with mental illness. Taj is a 10 year old boy who attends the service weekly. Taj is popular with both the staff and his peers and likes to participate in most activities. After the last school holidays, Taj returned to the service a changed child, he has become aggressive and picks fights with his peers.

He has also become aggressive towards the other male worker and is isolating himself. Taj has started wearing jumpers and long pants, even on warmer days and refuses to remove any clothing when he shows clear signs of being overheated. During an activity, Taj’s jumper became caught on the table and pulled up revealing a mass of red welts and recent burn scarring on his stomach and back area. Over the last few weeks Taj has drawn some explicit sexual pictures during art activities and has been using very sexualised language.

1. What are the indicators of risk?

Answers q1 Aggressive behaviour, picks fights, red welts, bur ns 1.physical

2. How you would respond to this situation?
Answer q2
1.ask taj whats happening while on school holidays also contact the family 2. report and document speak to principal and report to your supervisor

3.make a child proctection report to DOCS and police

3. How would you prepare to make a report?

Answer q3 names and addresses of the child and his parents or responsible caregiver(s) child’s age and gender nature and extent of injury, maltreatment or neglect  approximate date and time the injury, maltreatment or neglect occurred the circumstances in which the injuries, became known to case worker previous injury, abuse/ neglect of the child or siblings name of the person suspected to have caused the injury, sexual abuse/ neglect any action taken to treat or help the child and sign  any other information the caseworker believes would be helpful

What actions/work practices you would take as a follow up from the report. 1 your repsonsibilty regarding the safety welfare or wellbeing of the child does not cease once report has been made docs it is still your responsibilty to use professional resources to provide support appropriate to your role and identify and respond to any concerns for the young childs welfare


Karli is a 16 year old resident in a youth refuge. She is quite precocious and outgoing with all the residents. After the first few days, you noticed that she was flirting with one of the male youth workers. This is not an unusual situation and generally does not create major issues. Expectations that staff not engage in any relationship other than a professional helping relationship are clearly outlined in the agency code of conduct, staff recruitment and ongoing professional development and training. You have noticed over the last few weeks that the worker Jackson appears to be flirting back. You have noticed that there is a lot of incidental touching between them and while you have seen no touching that is clearly inappropriate you can “feel” a lot of sexual energy between them when they are interacting. You have tried to raise it in discussion but Jackson is dismissive and will not engage on the topic.

1. How you would respond to this situation?

Answer q1
1.follow your work place policy and procedures incidents of your observation to your supervisor
3.discuss your concerns with jackson and karli

2. What ethical issues may arise when responding to these situations? Answer q2
1.breaching the client and workers code of ethics
2.client history and vulnerability and mental status
3.disscussion of sexual or romatic relationship have occurred

4.conflict of interest
5.mandatory and disciplinary action for the case worker

Task 3

Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.


Personal Information about Joseph

Date of Birth: 31/10/04
Full Name: Joseph Timothy Drake
Address: 13 Short St, Parker
Languages spoken: Chinese and English
Nationality: Chinese
Other children: Only child
Mother: Lis’s (09) 7476 9435 & Partner: Jake (no number provided)

You are a community worker in a multicultural resource centre. Your service runs a range of programs to support and assist people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Many of your clients have limited social resources and one of the programs that is offered is a women’s friendship group which aims to reduce the isolation of women. Lis attends the friendship group each week. Lis lives with her son, Joseph who is 5 years old. She has had a series of failed relationships and is currently seeing Jake who you have never met. Lis has engaged you in a number of conversations over several weeks, where she often breaks down and discloses details about fights she has had with her partner.

Last week, Lis recounted the events of the previous weekend, when she forgot to leave the key under the door mat and so her boyfriend broke the front door and came in yelling at Lis. Joseph was still up with her at this time, and Lis continued to say that she was worried Joseph had seen her get hit several times by Jake. Lis appears increasingly concerned that he might do something to Joseph as he keeps threatening her and arriving late at night after drinking. This week Lis turns up to the group with Joseph, although children are not part of the group. Lis mentions she is very upset as Jake had come home late again and there had been some trouble. During the group you notice that Joseph is aggressive with Lis and does not engage with other people. At one point Joseph wets his pants and you organise for a change of clothes. While Lis is changing Joseph you notice a large impact bruise on his back. When you approach Joseph lashes out.

1. Where would you find information on how your service responds to Child Protection issues? Answer q1

1. document and report to supervisor the worries and fears mother has for herself and joseph 2.ask mother consent to fill out incident report
3.mandatory reporting guide
4.multicultural services,internet/google
5.child protection helpline

2. List the legislative acts that govern Child Protection Services in your state/territory. Answer q2 law act 1975 reform act 1995 law amended act 2006
4.national quality standards
5.onbudsman amendment act 1998
6.children and young person (care and protection) act 1998
7.children legislation amendment act 2009

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