Community Service Project Essay

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Community Service Project

In order to graduate some people feel as if teens should have a community service project. Should they have a community service project? As like many things doing a community service project can have some good things to it like for instince helping others at free will with no money or keeping teens out of trouble. But we have found more bad reasons to this rather than fiinding good ones. Here are some of these reasons, like many people in this world most teens do not have transportation and not havinig transportation is a bad thing it could result in people not getting what they need to get done. Think if teens do not have transportation how will they be able to do their community service project?

Some more supporting reasons on why we should not have a community service project is what if the teens have a job that they have to go to as soon as they get out of school? Most teens are out here working and may not be able to fit this time consuming project in to their schedule so therefor it would be very stressful for them because they would not be able to get it done and they would probably fail which would not be good because most teens have plans for college and what about supervision during this project will the students be supervised? Who would watch the teens and acually make sure they actually do their community service project instead of faking it.

We would end up needing some people from the school to make sure that they actually did their project instead of faking it and what about safety issues? Some one could get hurt doing their project and no one would know it unless we had them supervised. Which is another reason of why doing this community service project would be a bad idea. Sometimes people also get very sick and can not move around that well. If someone is sick they will not feel like doing much moving around. So how would they do their community service project if their really bad off they would not be able to.

Most teens also would not want to do this project because it is time consuming and would take time off of their own time and they would not be able to spend time with their family like they hope to do on the weekends that their off of school. A lot of teens out here have health issues going on or some problems in life that they may be facing so it would definitly be very stressing if they could not get it done. Also what about the school would they be willing to do the project during school they probably would not be able to fit this in their schedule. In my personal opinion I think that this would not be a good idea because there is way too many bad reasons rather than good reasons for this community service project and people would have a lot of issues getting it done and it would make it very hard and stressful on them. So should teens have a community service project? No because there is to much bad ideas on this project.

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