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Community Service Course

During our Community Service course, I was in design team, we helped our EcoGreen Awareness project to introduce the art of nature and showed the people how productive it can be, we combined our strength and guided each other to do the right thing.To help the nature and ourselves.The course improved a lot of our skills. Starting with leadership skills. Let’s start with the fact that leadership is the lead, therefore the leader is the person who leads people to the goal they achieve.

The leader must be able to correctly convey information to subordinates, set an example, and control the execution of the tasks assigned. The leader must find the right tools to motivate staff. The correct impact and inspiration of his subordinates, will lead the leader to the goal that he sought to achieve. For this, the leader must constantly strive for self-development and self-control. A true leader has such qualities as: dedication, confidence, sanity, restraint, determination and creativity.

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The leader is interested in self-development, as he is constantly confronted with various tasks. He should be able to realistically assess tasks, quickly find the best ways to solve them, and take full responsibility for this. He must also competently analyze, structure and distribute the ways to solve the tasks set between his subordinates. The leader can simplify the solution of the problem or take the risk. You can’t be born being a leader, but you can become one! Behavioral theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation.

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Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned through training, perception, practice and experience. Leadership training continues throughout life. Real leaders are looking for development opportunities to acquire new skills. It is necessary to note that the military is using this doctrine as part of a leadership training program. Can this management program and leadership itself make someone a real leader? Can you teach Charisma, Influence, Honesty and the ability to Inspire? Yes, as I experienced during our course.

Another thing that I improved is my sociability. Sociability is the ability to find a common language with people, regardless of the status and degree of acquaintance. Skill is appreciated at work, since such a person is sent to important negotiations. Sociable personality manifests itself in the company. Such a person is distinguished by interesting communication, gestures, the ability to choose a topic of conversation, the stories are retold interesting, lively and bright – this is what means communicative (communicative) simple words. People with communication skills are more likely to being hired and moving up the career path. But, it should be understood that sociability borders on other skills: self-confidence, leadership and initiative. Not all managers are ready for such an active employee behavior. Therefore, conflicts are possible, up to and including dismissal. However, the benefits of communication are much greater. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of communicability. A sociable person knows how to negotiate and achieve results. Sometimes it takes even a few minutes to do this, such a person gets real pleasure from communication. He easily chooses words, he is sure of himself, charismatic in his own way, he easily finds topics for conversations, regardless of who he communicates with. The ability to communicate in an interesting and lively way does not depend on age – it can be a sociable girl or a gray-haired old man: a conversation with both will be not only pleasant, but more often useful, since genuinely communicative people are far from idle talk. This is the one to whom communication is a pleasure. It is not important for a sociable person, with whom to communicate, he is interested in the process itself. Communicative people are characterized by flexibility in contacts, the ability and ability to not get lost when communicating in different situations, self-confidence, they easily adapt to new conditions, are able to successfully negotiate, strive for initiative and leadership in a team.

Productivity was another factor to progress in me, as a quality of a person is the ability to be personally effective, create material and spiritual values, achieve high results, work productively, fruitfully and usefully. Productivity requires thinking about the continuous improvement of their skills. Not only writers, artists and poets have to think about their own fruitfulness and productivity. Anyone who is in the top ten of his life purpose is fruitful and productive. When a person is engaged in his favorite work, the path to the products of his labor turns into a holiday for him. Favorite work, by definition, becomes productive and gives an incomparable taste of happiness. When a person works productively, the heavens endow him with engagement, obsession and unremitting interest. It becomes efficient, effective and creatively active. Productivity implies the ability to cooperate. It is based on hard work. Diligence in addition to the desire to do your favorite business, involves professionalism, the ability to come to a reasonable, optimal organization of work. Therefore, it is efficient, productive and effective. Unlike an industrious person, a workaholic is not bothered by the scientific organization of labor. For him it is important that the work was more, in her he sees the only life value. For a hardworking person, work is desired, he goes to work with love, and leaves with pleasure. Diligence is productive, it leads to wealth and prosperity, and work based on promises of greed to poverty and disease. If you want to not work all your life, find a lesson appropriate for your purpose. The work intended is productive, for it is pleasure and joy. A hardworking person is productive, fulfilling his duty, he feels happy, every working day is a holiday for him.

I also realized that it’s useful to help the environment during our course. As for me, having thoughts of becoming an artist in the future, nature is very important.There is no more brilliant artist in the world than nature itself. Everything created by her are real masterpieces. Artists are attracted by these images of untouched nature. The pictures of many artists depict the steppe landscapes with their pristine beauty that has not yet been disturbed. I believe that it is very important that we learn to love and appreciate nature. And life will become richer and more interesting for us. We will not be indifferent and heartless: the one who loves nature will not spoil the tree, will not pick the flower, will not destroy the bird. I would very much like us to learn to hear not only the ears, but also the heart and the rustle of leaves, and the rustling of grass and the murmur of a streamlet, and the singing of birds; so that we learn to love and regret everything living in the forest and the forest itself is an extraordinary miracle of nature. In the past decades, ecology has experienced an unprecedented flourishing, it has become an increasingly important science, closely interacting with biology, natural history, and geography. Now the word “ecology” is found in all media. And for more than a decade not only scientists, but also writers, artists, and composers have been concerned about the interaction between nature and human society. At the same time The influence of nature is entirely interrupted by the artist’s attempt to interpret it. The artist does not know anything about her, any more than any ordinary citizen and is trying to somehow bring it into a part of his own toolkit, like light, perspective or linear perspective. Needless to say, the relationship is not very healthy. The experience of the same marine painters suggests that a real dialogue with nature begins at the moment when the artist recognizes that this dialogue is not based on his conditions. And this is probably the main and best possible influence of nature on the life of not only the artist, but the human one . Since the world, in its current version, is set up in such a way that we can hardly ever perceive nature as naturally as in the times preceding rationalism, at least we will always have something in her face that is not amenable to ready-made interpretations or rather, just returning ours to us. Of course, many artists eventually understood and then it became no less an island of stability for them than finding something of their own.

It should be noted the special role of Community Service, it acts as one of the most common ways to attract students to socially useful work. The organization of public works has certain advantages over other methods of combating environmental pollution. First of all, the amounts that people employed are significantly higher than benefits. It is also important that the moral and psychological state of people performing public works is much better than that of those who are not at all busy. Certain benefits in this form of employment are for enterprises. The funds were spent for our socially beneficial activities for the benefit of nature. Consider further what constitutes our social work.What we learned during the project, is that every human being has to treat our nature right. Most of the ways in which a person harms the environment develop over several years, some events can occur in an instant, but this instant will have far-reaching consequences.

Even the most insignificant human actions trigger changes in the environment. How we heat our homes, feed our electrical equipment, what we do with our garbage and what the origin of our food stuffs – all this puts a heavy strain on the environment. The temperature of the earth has increased by one degree Fahrenheit since 1975, the amount of polar ice has decreased by 9 percent in just one decade. We have caused enormous damage to the planet, much more than you can imagine. Construction, irrigation, mining significantly spoils the natural landscape and disrupts important environmental processes. Aggressive fishing and hunting can exhaust all stocks of species, human migration can introduce alien species into established food chains. Greed leads to catastrophic accidents, and laziness leads to destructive practices, so you have to keep in mind that you should never irritate the nature.

People need to realize how beautiful and self-sufficient nature is in its pristine beauty. How fragile and changeable is the living world of nature! How many varieties and bizarre forms hidden in its landscapes. How harmoniously fits into her man, who looks at this creation through the prism of love. How much inspiration can be gained from fresh breaths of air and the aroma of the forest. Harmony inside, peace and tranquility … Perhaps, in all this beauty, there is not even a noticeable moaning moan of the Earth. I can’t even believe that diseases and diseases are raging in this gigantic organism. How beautiful and calm nature. How do you want to hear her heartbeat.

We all depend on the health of our home planet. Preserving and protecting its health means the wise use of our natural resources, the restoration of the environment, which we spoil by our very existence: we deplete the soil, pollute the air and water. Most environmental crises arise from the fact that people interfere with normal natural processes, not understanding the danger that threatens them. Conservationists – environmentalists – divide all natural resources into two categories: those that cannot and those that can be restored. The first group includes coal, gas, oil, minerals, which, once spent, can not be refunded. They must be used wisely. The second includes forests, wild animals, water and land, which can be “restored” if you apply the correct methods of management. Love for nature and taking care of it begins with little: in the hike and in the camp, tidy up the garbage, watch the fire carefully, treat the trees carefully (do not cut them, do not cut the initials on the bark), teach others to love and appreciate God world. Scout laws teach you how to live in nature. But your other people’s bad habits are your concern. Due to the inappropriate behavior of one or several people, irreparable damage may be caused to nature. When giving advice and making comments to others, be always polite and sensitive. Then you will always be a welcome guest and you will be greeted everywhere with the words “Welcome!”. After our project, I had a desire to push people to love and help nature.

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