Community Service: A Requirement for Passing High School in New York State

Although this service would benefit the community and gets students involved in their community, this requirement is very impractical. In New York, credits for graduation from high school are required in Physical Education, Music, and Art, along with the more traditional academic coursed such as Math, Science, English, and History. Many states require fewer credits than New York in these areas. For example, Florida only requires one credit of high school physical education for graduation, whereas New York requires four. A similar comparison is true for many other courses.

This fact alone shows the higher standards by which New York State students learn, but there is more.

Along with extra requirements in core courses, New York also has Regents exams. The Regents tests, state standardized, are long, difficult, and competitive. Students compete for Regents awards and scholarships. In addition, passing these tests is required for advancement in course work. The Regents becomes mandatory for classes graduating the year of 2001 and after, making schedules tougher for all students.

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The lives of New York State students, already crowded with regular class requirements, would fill almost completely with required credits if community service hours were added to the already demanding list. Carrying out these credits during school hours would be impractical.

Many students, along with their mandatory class load, choose to take classes in the arts. Music, painting, drama, sculpture and other areas of artistic interest are an important part of many students lives. Such work requires extra dedication, with much work done outside of the classroom.

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Such areas of extra curricular activity show devotion, creativity, and innovation. Students who show such dedication should not be required to do community service in order to graduate high school, which would take up a lot of valuable work time.

The addition of community service requirements for graduation would benefit no parts of a student’s extra curricular life; these requirements would simply take away from it. To add onto an already busy students life, many students choose to involve themselves in athletics. Students practice sports after school, on weekends, and sometimes even before school. Games often keep kids away from home until late at night, taking up long hours. Many students work extremely hard at athletics, even though they are not required. It takes integrity, teamwork, and commitment to be part of an athletic team: all qualities that are helpful after high school. An athletic team can also give direction to misguided students, giving them something to do that is healthy.

Adding community service to required credits for graduation of high school would effect students in a negative way. A Regents student, already involved in music, art, and sports would have no time for a community service requirement. In order to fill this requirement time would have to be taken away from other areas of interest. Unneeded stress would be added into students lives. New York State students who already do a lot of extra work would be pushed to do even more, making their lives more difficult than ever before. Community service may seem like a good addition to graduation requirements, but in reality, it would cause more harm than good for many active and diligent students.

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