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Community Illness Solution Essay

There has been an odd rise in similar and extensive illnesses in not only adults but children as well. This is becoming quite a concern for many of the residents in this community because that just means a rise in their chances of catching the illness to. If our community does not resolve the problem as soon as possible it will continue to spread and possibly affect the entire community. Upon further investigation into the reasoning or cause of this problem, I have found a legitimate reason why this is happening.

I have discovered that the cause may be from the gas company’s malpractices either before the community came together or sometime afterwards. I found my reasoning by keeping an open mind and investigated any and every possibility there could be. The gas companies practices are the only issue I have found that could cause a problem such as the one in our community. As well, once I found that reasoning I looked also into the illnesses and what could have possibly caused them, and again I found that the problem with the gas company is the root cause for the illnesses.

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I have begun to spread the word about my discovery to make everyone in the community aware of the issue that has led to our problem. I believe that with the strength of our entire community we can unite and fight for our justice against the gas company who has caused our community such a great problem. My first idea in the fight for our justice is to go straight to the gas company and explain our findings and demand them to do something about the issue to help fix the problem. If our community cannot seem to meet an agreement with the gas company, I say we take it to a higher level.

We need to possibly approach the mayor of our town or even the court system if we must. We need to keep our viewpoints open and not stick to what we think is going to resolve the problem because one idea may not instantly resolve our problem. We not only need to resolve the issue with the gas company, but need to find ways to help the families that have been plagued with the illness. I believe our community can set up a fundraiser of some sort to help raise money for the hospital bills and such that are a result of the illness.

If our community does nothing about this problem we are never going to grow or thrive because no one beyond current residents will move here knowing of this plaguing illness. That would be horrible for our economy in this community, and we cannot just accept this problem. I believe we need to just go head to head with the problem and resolve it as a community. If we do not do anything our community is going to look weak and we will look like we gave up or that we are just a bunch of quitters. I won’t allow that to happen.

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