Community Health Nursing Essay

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Community Health Nursing

The implementation of a program which makes health care accessible is a goal of any society. In line with this goal, the establishment of community health nursing was formed. This provided better opportunities for people to acquire the right health care assistance for each of their concerns. There were some factors that may be attributed in the formation of a health nursing. These influenced the creation of the program which intended to provide resolutions for problems that have long been encountered. The first source of influence may be justified even before the 19th century Europe.

In the past, family members who were sick were just attended by female members of the family and were not able to access full health care from a professional or a specialist (Allender, 2004). One of the great problems which were encountered by societies was the minimal opportunity for ordinary people to go to a medical specialist. Almost always the case, only those who have the economic capability were able to avail these types of services. Add to that the seemingly underdeveloped infrastructures back then.

This paved the way for an idea to bring at least satellite health care units in small communities to service the general public. One more attribute which lead to the development of community health care can be pointed out to religious charities. The monks in Florence, Italy had committed a historical health care service for those who encountered accidents. They even provided first aid solutions for people who needed their help even on a 24 hour basis. As a matter of fact, these religious figures even provided the necessary health care for various pilgrims to some of the considered holy lands based on religious beliefs.

During the medieval times, there have also been great developments in community based health services. There was a time when a law catering to the poor of England was passed in 1601. This rule designated the instructions for health specialists to render their services to the poor who did not have any means of availing health care. Since the governing sector is centralized in the royal institution, it was really easy to disseminate the services to identifiable poor communities in the country.

Another historic event took place in France when the Friendly Visitor Volunteers was formed. In 17th century France, there was a great deal in re-establishing the economy. This prompted the organization to render public health services by sending the service directly to the homes of the poor and disabled. The main funding process of the organization was initiated by wealthy women individuals of the society who cared for the welfare of the general public. The community health nursing was definitely a very good approach in caring for the needy and unfortunate.

However, by the time the Industrial Revolution hit Europe and America, the group of these community based health units were greatly reduced. This paved the way for what the present health care structure societies have today. Hospitals and health centers were established even in bigger units and concentrated near urban areas. This was in direct contrast to the former approach of delegating specific health units among communities. Even though the extent of community health nursing is already reduced, newer counterparts in modern society today still has the same principle.

Home nursing can be availed today via appointments with doctors and nurses. There are also some programs among today’s hospitals which can provide an extended health care service at home based on agreements. Moreover, the establishment of home care nursing centers provides at least a refuge for patients outside of hospitals. The modern day health professionals are partnering directly with individuals who want to improve their communities in promoting optimum health care (Richmond Health, 2001).

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