Community Experience

My family can be important to me about the community experience is make of changed with the problem. It remembers to get more issue with the neighbors is become of Loud Music, Disturbance, DUI, or Burglaries can staying positive with whole life.

It can be more problem about the neighbors to created impact and influence with the security. They can be moved by the inches in a small row of the houses above to be high rise with council flat in the country for three miles away.

The neighbors are to be other premises with families, single people, office blocks, factories, churchyards, and motorway junctions. It could be located to each other to have common is to get more positive with ourselves. The quote, “They are there 365 days a year, 24 hours a day” (Conway 108). The sociologists can be learned about writing the papers in many forms to have a breakdown with modern society. It always to have attributed with the experts can people living the world to make a prediction to getting each other of community.

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Sometimes is get rebuild the links in local governments can reduce with fractured and disjointed communities. It could positive about, “They are spending millions in building what they call community cohesion” in the hope that it will reduce crime and disorder, and hopefully banish anti-social behavior” (Conway 109). The people can be allowed in relationships about the neighbors is over the country with civil and criminal courts. Sometimes is to reduce in small or even between the neighbors are tend and start to be a significant issue.

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They would assume on one side and both sides can grow with the major conflict. It could remember about the quote, “The longer it remains unattended the larger it grows and the more acrimonious it all becomes” (Conway 110). The people can rather in 100 percent with different views get more positive in events and opinions. Sometimes is trying to help with the community of build relationships can understand getting discussed in ourselves. It can be a problem log with different disputes is to get more decision about the reasons. Sometimes the neighbors want to encourage with the kids can make a prediction for a new life. It could happen about, “There are a number of things that you can try but will know when nothing is working” (Conway 117). It can be a problem with the case is made of useful evidence with the suffering. Sometimes is to get resolve with the neighbors can other methods in the resolution.

The people can be happening about committing and acquisitive offenses is to get motivated in the knowledge of the different community. Sometimes is to become of high rates from the motor vehicles, shoplifting, burglary, and street robbery. It could the sanders is to say about, “Those more involved in offending mainly discussed committing serious acquisitive offenses, such as burglary and robbery, in order to make money” (48). The contrast is getting more involved in shoplifting such as petty items, food, and magazines to have themselves in a different life. It becomes motivated about young people can reduce money for taking risks inexperience. It could be happening about the quote, “None of them had legitimate jobs, and all of them talked about not receiving any money from those they lived with” (Sanders 50). He could nothing about the burglaries and robberies can be committed with the interview because it remembers to earn the money for other things. Sometimes can reduce in low-wage, and single-income families have lived in housing with council estates. It remembers the sander to be said about, “These offenses enable the young men to “get money” from which they purchased the latest clothing, fresh trainers, bangs of cannabis, and allowed them to participate in all youthful activities they desired” (54). It remembers to take responsibility with own future can be great independence and autonomy to make creative. Sometimes are making the picture about exceptions to existing in conditions. It remembers the quote, “A few of those more involved in offending mentioned planning out certain offenses, suggesting they spend more time thinking about such offenses and invested more of themselves in the offense to help ensure its success” (Sanders 65). The people can be thinking about the burglaries is to get a location with the terms has become of steal. It could discuss with the offenses is to be a young person of events can take a lot with money and jewelry. The young people can be overall about stolen goods to have offenses with money. It becomes the sanders to happen about, “These young people said they only knew of such people and places but had nothing to do with them” (68). The young people are created specific skills and strategies to make employed with the course can be more positive. They could shoplift to hide the items at the department store to take offense. It could imagine about, “These methods of offending were crude but effective, as many of these young people discussed successful offending” (Sanders 69). It can motivate with the young person is committed burglaries of a specific tool.

The people can be many of the studies is made of surveillance with employee, formal, and natural. Sometimes is to produce getting a benefit ratio in five, nine, and eleven studies are important with the primary of crime. It Sherman can be written about, “In the four projects that addressed burglary as the primary crime, there was an equal number of desirable and undesirable benefit-cost ratios” (104). The evidence can be more appear of situational prevention to get a strategy with the reduction of crime. It could not be clear with intervention can more specific time and space. It becomes changes in the incidence of crime is to get prevention to be higher experimental and adjacent areas. Sometimes can be longest in personal crime with 68.0, 43.8, and 14.0 percent to get experimental area. It could have to say about, “No evidence of displacement was found in the adjacent area, but there was strong evidence that the improvements in streetlighting produced a substantial diffusion of to this area” (Sherman 106). It remembers about the total benefits and crimes with being experimental and adjacent areas can be estimated in the savings. The people had to consider the benefits is make attributable to capital costs in the first year. It can be reduced with the victims is get improved of the crime. It becomes of adult burglars can be found about the median number to get per month of the annual rate. It could remember about the quote, “Victims would be more likely to inflate the loss for insurance reasons, whereas offenders would be more likely to understate the figures because they are not likely to realize the full value of the stolen property” (Sherman 210). Sometimes can be rough with the approximation to get obtain the average for burglaries.

It can be happening about burglars with the research is to become motivated to get more victims in the Storytime. Sometimes it had a good community with the neighbors to make a positive in communicating with friends and family.

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