Community Colleges Essay

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Community Colleges

Does everyone that attends community colleges know the role of them? Most people don’t know the achievement gaps or knows the importance of them. Many teens today are so excited about attending college the last decision on their mind is commuting. This is because most are ready for the dorm life, freedom, and partying. Education does cross their mind, but other times it isn’t until the hard work kicks in. This also goes for charter schools. Charter schools and community colleges are very beneficial and helpful. The two are very similar when it comes to academic reasons.

Today many people work hard to close achievements gaps for people coming from high and low income families who want a better education. Many people face obstacles due to family income. Whether it’s high or low income, children fight for available educational opportunities. Everyone deserves a chance at being successful and achieving goals. It is said to be that people living in poverty won’t have the same benefits as others living on the “brighter side”. People that live on the brighter side have easier chances at getting successful.

This refers back to school system, and how education is involved. (1st link) The education law center stated that the Christie administration has been moving too slow. It is suggested that they build more schools for children in struggling cities. Recently, the state of Department of Education failed to move as quickly as they should, now there are many different ranges of requests for many school repairs and fix other things in some of the poorest cities. Charter schools are very different from schools such as private and public schools.

In Newark, children are grouped by ages consisting children five and younger that live in poverty. Schools are trying to help these children. Charter schools are private schools that give everyone a chance. For example, in the book Outliers, KIPP was a middle school that Marita attended. KIPP was a middle school that has a high standard of academic conduct and achievement. The success of this school is continuous with its low-income students. These students end up going to college in overwhelming numbers.

(2ndlink) Gladwell has questions children being given the opportunity of getting too much schooling. (book) Gladwell compares that theory to agriculture. Rice paddies are planted multiple times a year and they follow a steady schedule. In other countries, students attend school for countless numbers of days. KIPP is introduced to the same strategy for their students. They attend school from 7a. m until 7p. m. Even on Saturdays and in the Summer they are in school learning. Marita lived in poverty and decided to change her cultural legacy by attending KIPP to better herself.

Most if not all of her time is spent going to school and doing homework. This allows Marita to get out of poverty. Her grade level increases tremendously. More than half of the students will graduate, including being the first to do so. (book) Charter schools focus their studies on the children. Compared to community colleges, time is spent on the people more. Universities and public schools do not receive the same attention. New Jersey’s high school students receive less standardized test based on their education system. This made charter schools easier to open.

Christopher Cerf, an education commissioner, considers the state options on allowing students who take standardized testing to get into colleges to be substituted for high school proficiency test. Also, he feels that the community college entrance exam and high school test be the same. He believes in this so the test could be based on individual subjects. Cerf is trying a new system where a charter can be in Elizabeth, but children in Newark can attend. Community colleges try to close this gap by allowing the opportunity for anyone to attend.

Professors interact with students more at community colleges. For community colleges do not have to have any special talents, income, or anything to attend a community college. People fail to realize they have many benefits attending these schools. These colleges aren’t for anyone of a specific age. Everyone is treated equally. The gaps are being closed because you are worked with unlike other school where you’re more independent. For example, in Outliers, the University of Michigan only enrolled 10% of minorities’ entrance chance, when their chance was just as good as the whites.

Also, Christopher Logan dropped out of Montana State because the professor showed no interest in helping him. Charter schools close these gaps by allowing them to learn equally but based on a higher level than the same grades as public schools. Christie wants to replace many of the school contract performances and set specific standards. Focusing more on test results than regulatory compliance. (4th link). In the cities with the most poverty, children fail because they haven’t had anything new. The Urban Hope Act will allow private nonprofit to build new schools in Camden, Trenton, and Newark.

This will only happen if they can prove experience in education. No state or other public bond dollars will be used on these schools. They will receive 5% less per student state funding than regular district schools. They do plan on promising to do much better with less. (link 5) In conclusion, enough work is being provided. It doesn’t have to always involve money. The financial issues are slowly but surely taken care of. Attention wise, these bridges are being close with enough time and patience to help children learn in charter schools and others in community colleges.

Government needs to expand to allow everyone the same opportunity, instead of allowing high incomed people have certain opportunities and advantages rather than others. It is said that prodigies have a less creative mind than a student with a lower IQ. It is not true that certain people need to be smart enough to succeed in the real world. Hard work, dedication and the right education gives low incomed people the same advantage as everyone else. http://weblib. ucc. edu:2188/iw-search/we/InfoWeb? p_product=NewsBank&p_theme=aggregated5&p_action=doc&p_docid=1449450EEA63BEE0&p_docnum=4&p_queryname=2.

http://weblib. ucc. edu:2188/iw-search/we/InfoWeb? p_product=NewsBank&p_theme=aggregated5&p_action=doc&p_docid=1445F9C7B95F9388&p_docnum=5&p_queryname=2 http://weblib. ucc. edu:2188/iw-search/we/InfoWeb? p_product=NewsBank&p_theme=aggregated5&p_action=doc&p_docid=139BE64F7B69B398&p_docnum=4&p_queryname=2 http://weblib.

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