Community College vs. Universities Essay

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Community College vs. Universities

Have you ever wondered which is better, community colleges or universities? Making the big choice on furthering your education is a big decision, but making the choice between community college and a university is even harder. Well let me give you some ideas. The cost, location, environment, and how long it takes for someone to finish are a couple of things to take into consideration. When looking at colleges you have Community college prices and University prices. Neither have a pretty price tag, but when compared side-by-side there is a big difference. Tuition prices for Mitchell Community College vary between instate and out of state. The price for an in state student is seventy two dollars per credit hour, and for out of state students you are looking at two hundred and seventy two dollars per credit hour. The tuition cost for a university like UNC is alone eight thousand, three hundred and seventy four dollars for an instate student. An out of state student is facing a tuition cost of thirty three thousand, six hundred and seventy four dollars!! So ,you can see that there is a pretty big difference in cost.

The cost for education can vary between individuals, and not everyone is in the same financial status. Some people have the honor to be granted scholarships, and some students may have to take out loans, and not every can apply for financial aid , so every individual situation varies when it comes to education cost and their form of payment. Something else to consider is the location of the college. Do you prefer to move away and pay for dorm room cost at a big university? Or does staying at home, and being closer to family sound something like you would do? Moving to a university dorm can be drastically different, you won’t be at home in your own bed. Instead you will find yourself in a tiny room with a small bed and no privacy; because, let’s not forget you will have that beloved roommate. Moving into a dorm can be challenging too because of limited space and it’s pretty costly too.

Staying back home will save money on living costs and there won’t be as many long trips to take when it’s time to go home. So,this varies on a person’s form of lifestyle that they are looking for. If they want the whole “College experience“, then they should go for the dorm facilities. But many people are just trying to get an education and the last thing they have on their mind is paying for a dorm room. Community college and universities environments are very different! A community college is usually located in small towns and a lower number of students who are from the surrounding areas. In community colleges you will find more familiar faces and longtime friends etc.

Once you step into a university you can find yourself in a whirlwind of strange faces and different people. That could be very difficult for anybody. It’s like starting all over again, having to meet new people and make new friends just to get by. In universities you will also find the famous Sororities, and we cannot forget the fraternities, and to be part of community like that you must fit in with that life style or all be the same, so I hear. In community colleges you can find a much more settled environment, there are no sororities or frat parties. You can find interesting clubs or study groups. In universities you see big college sport teams, and community colleges you can’t find any. Either, way if it’s a community college based environment or university, anybody can create awesome, long lasting bonds, relationships, and friendships.

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