Communist Prison Camp Case Analysis

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The specific techniques that were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among prisoners were to put more than four prisoners into a cell who were more experienced in their thought transformation than he (Whetten et al.

, 2011). Whetten & Cameron (2011), states, “such a cell usually had one leader who was responsible to the prison authorities, and the progress of the cell was made contingent upon the progress of the least reformed member” (p. 84). As such method was used, the communists swore at, harangued, beat, denounced, humiliated, reviled, and brutalized their victim 24 hours a day (Whetten et al. 2011).

The communists usually perform this type of brutality for weeks or months. According to Whetten & Cameron (2011), “if a prisoner displayed particular resistance to the transformation, physical restraint that left the prisoner at the mercy of the other cellmates for basic physical needs such as toileting, eating and drinking, was used” (p. 84). Whetten & Cameron (2011) states, “this was the highest reduction to an animal-like existence that constituted to the ultimate humiliation inform the prisoner’s fellow man and let to the destruction of the prisoner’s image of himself” (p.

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The opposite processes that could be used to create the reverse process that is a strengthening of the self-concept are utilizing rewards for prisoners. The type of rewards I would utilize are entering prisoners into a program where they can become self-sufficient and also reducing their prison sentence. If I was charged with the orientation of a cohort of new managers in my organization, I would help them understand their own strengths and inclinations by letting them know that they are starters and they have the ability to finish what they have started, such as assignments pertaining to the department which they will manage.

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