Communist Manifesto Essay

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Communist Manifesto

In the era of contemporary politics, many new ideas and school of thoughts have emerged that deal with various concerns in the society. These new ideas may tackle new phenomena that are observable in the world nowadays as well as pressing concerns that people are experiencing. However, most of these current ideas are actually largely grounded and dependent upon the previous body of knowledge that was developed before in history. This body of knowledge is regarded as the foundation in the development of various thoughts regarding a particular subject matter.

This kind of adage is greatly applicable in the Communist Manifesto that was written by Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto serves as the primary document that plays an important role in the development of the communism and socialism. Since the Communist Manifesto deals with realities or the occurrence of situations that people or even the society as a whole have gone through, it is not surprising that the major tenets of the Communist Manifesto is also applicable in my own life experiences. The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto embodies the goals of communism and the attempt to explain the theory underlying this political movement. Its author, Karl Marx asserted that class struggles or the exploitation of one class is the one responsible in all historical developments. The relationship among classes is greatly defined through the means of production in a certain period of time. Nevertheless, the relationship that is established does not coincide with the developing forces of production. During this particular situation, a revolution will occur and a new class will exists as the ruling one.

This process pertains to the flow of history that is largely manipulated and acted upon by larger economic forces (Marx, 1988). In the modern industrial society, there is an observable class conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Unfortunately, problems occur because the productive means of capitalism no longer coincides with this type of exploitative relationship. As a result, the proletariat will lead a revolution. Nevertheless, the revolution that will take place has a different character than the revolutions that happen before in history.

In previous revolutions, the means or forces of production are merely reallocated to the new ruling class. However, this new type of revolution will do otherwise because of the nature of the proletariat class. The proletariat has no means of appropriating property. Being the case, when the time comes that they will have control of the forces of production they will destroy the concept of private ownership. By doing so, the destruction of private property will also eradicate the classes themselves (Marx, 1988). The Communist Manifesto asserted that the above-mentioned development is inevitable that it will take place sooner or later.

This is grounded in the idea that the present industrial society will not exists forever because capitalism is in itself unstable. Supporters of Communism want to promote this revolution by giving sustenance to parties and associations that are advocating this idea. They believe that these organizations are actually helping to move history to its natural conclusion. Furthermore, they also argue that the eradication of social classes can only happen through a revolution because reform and changes in government is not enough to address elimination of class structures (Marx, 1988).

The major tenets of the Communist Manifesto are seen in four parts. First, it elaborates upon the history of the Communist theory as well as the relationship that is established between the proletarians and bourgeoisie. Second, it discusses the relationship between Communists and proletarians. Third, it gives due attention to the weaknesses of socialist literature in the past. Fourth, it explains the relationship between Communists and other parties (Marx, 1988). Personal Experience

The arguments enclosed in the Communist Manifesto are not merely theories or ideas that are only applicable in discussions but rather they are indeed very much evident in real life. The experiences that I have during the time that I was working in a fast food chain greatly exemplify this. Working in the food business is actually my first experience in joining the labor force. My main goal in applying to such kind of occupation is to earn extra spending money. I thought the job would be easy since it mostly deals with serving and cleaning.

However, the situations that I saw as well as the events that I have to experience in this job changed my whole perspective about the capitalist industry that we have. The superiors that we have in this particular food chain are very strict to the point that they tend to take advantage of their employees already. They require us to work more hours than our shifts required wherein they will not let us go home until all the work are done. They also give very low compensation as compared with the other food chains. Moreover, they do not give our benefits of consuming certain amounts of products in the store.

Due to this, majority of the employees started to plan a protest against the management since the amicable method of negotiation did not work out. However, during the time that we were about to conduct the demonstration the administration decided to negotiate with us again and promised that they will give our conditions. We thought that this will be the start of changes but several months have past but they still have not given us what they have promise. As a result, my previous co-workers are already planning another step to address the problem.

In this situation, the arguments of the Communist Manifesto that class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat is indeed taking place. The experience that I have with the fast food chain proves that those who have the means of production tends to rule over the working class and even exploit them to their own advantage. It seems that it is true that a revolution is the only way to inflict changes because as what happened to us, amicable means are sometimes not enough to eradicate a class that has more power and resources.

Reference Marx, K. (1988). The Communist Manifesto. New York: W. W. Norton.

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