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Essay on Communication

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

...5.3 Describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response: •If suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response or if it has to do with my manager then I will report to the next level or manager. •If it has to do with my manager then I will report to management, then to the social worker and safeguarding team and to the care quality commission and even to the police depending on...

Communication Strategies for Leaders

...Aamodt, M. (2013). Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An applied approach. Seventh edition. Cox et. al (2007). Evaluating organizational-level work stress interventions: Beyond tradition methods. Work & Stress, 21, 348-362. Ebbers, L., Conover, K., Samuels, A. (2010). Leading from the middle: preparing leaders for new roles. New directions for Community Colleges.Wiley Periodicals. Frese, M (2009). The changing nature of work. In N. Chmiel (Ed.) An introduction to work and organizational p...

Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

...The issue of confidentiality and disclosure is a legal requirement. While confidentiality is highly regarded, disclosures of certain information is vital. Any information disclosed without recourse to the service user must be one that portent anger either to the service user or others. As a care worker, before I pass on any information about any service user to other person(s), I must seek consent from the service user. However, the exception to that rule is that information can be passed on whe...

Advantages of Verbal communication

...Interpersonal communication and public speaking are the two basic types of verbal communication. Whereas public speaking involves one or more people delivering a message to a group, interpersonal communication generally refers to a two-way exchange that involves both talking and listening. According to Robert M. Krauss, professor of psychology at Columbia University, signs and symbols are the major signals that make up verbal communication. Words act as symbols, and signs are secondary products ...

?Electronic Devices

...I think students should also be able to use their cellphones and iPods for the music, music can change a person’s mood at any given time. While taking your time and reading this I really hope you look into helping us students by not getting our phones and iPods taken away for the various reasons. My reasons for wanting to keep our electronic devices are backed up from proofs from the SVMS student body and their life stories. As speaking for Spring Valley Middle I would like to thank you and ho...

Cross cultural communication

...When it comes to communications, there are many barriers. Providers communicate differently when it comes to Hispanics. Studies have shown that when providers deal with the Spanish speaking patients they ask less open ended question and probes for patient understanding because of the language barrier (Mayo, Windsor, Sundarwaran & Crew 2007). A seconds study states that when providers relied on interpreters for communicating with their patients, but lack of availability of the interpreters an...

An Analysis of Intercultural Negotiations between the East and West

...S., & Trompenaars, F. (1996). National culture and the values of organizational employees – a dimensional analysis across 43 nations. The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 27(2), 231-264. Soares, A. M., Farhangmehr, M., & Shoham, A. (2007). Hofstede’s dimensions of culture in international marketing studies. Journal of Business Research, 60(3), 227-284. Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2006.10.018. Sondergaard, M. (1994). Research note: Hofstede’s consequences: a study ...

Essay about email

...(i) Emails may carry viruses. These are small programs that harm your computer system. They can read out your email address book and send themselves to a number of people around the world. (ii) Many people send unwanted emails to others. These are called spam mails. It takes a lot of time to filter out the unwanted emails from those that are really important. (iii) Emails cannot really be used for official business documents. They may be lost and you cannot sign them. (iv) Your mailbox may get ...

Effective communication unit 1 D2

...- Robinson, L Segal, J . (2012). Effective Communication. Available: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/effective_communication_skills.htm. Last accessed 17th October 2012. - Skills you need . (2011-2012). Interpersonal Communication Skills . Available: http://www.skillsyouneed.co.uk/IPS/Interpersonal_Communication.html. Last accessed 17th October . - Stretch, B Whitehouse, M (2010). Health and Social Care Level 3 Book 1. England and Wales: Pearson Limited Education - Collins Education . (2011). De...

TDA 3.1 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults

...Some information must be passed on such as if a child is asthmatic or has an allergy but the majority of information should be on a need to know basis. It is always important to remember there may be a situation where you will need to tell others. If a child confides in you about certain issues and you suspect child abuse or that the child may be ‘at risk’ you should ensure the child knows that you cannot keep the information confidential. You must pass the information on to the delegated pe...

Promote communication in health, social care

...4.3 Describe the potential tension between maintaining an individual’s confidentiality and disclosing concerns. Care work is all about supporting an individual’s choices and allowing them to live their life as independently as they can, but, our duty of care sometimes interferes with this if their choices mean that they are in harm’s way or suffer a loss. If we suspect a service user is in harm’s way, suffering abuse or that they could cause harm to another person we need to disclose thi...

Principles of communication in adult and social care settings

...Electronic information: These days great deal of information is stored and transferred electronically, via computer. Computer files should be protected using passwords which are only shared with authorised individuals. Care must be taken to close private documents after use, to prevent individuals who are passing from catching sight of the screen. To be vigilant when transporting information between computers via memory pens or discs. To make sure the memory pen doesn't get lost and that the inf...

Letter of Advice for a Newly Engaged Couple

...Esteemed Self. (2013). The Dangers of Low Self-Esteem. Retrieved from http://www.esteemedself.com/what-is-self-esteem/the-dangers-of-low-self-esteem/ Ferrer, M., & Fugate, A.M. (2003). Helping Your School-Age Child Develop a Healthy Self-Concept. EDIS. Retrieved from http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fy570 Schoenberg, N. (2011, January 17). Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages. McClatchy-Tribune News Service. Retrieved from ProQuest Newsstand. Document ID: ...

Use and develop systems that promote communication

...Other examples could include an outbreak of an infectious disease in your workplace, which by law this has to be reported (RIDDOR). I should also consider my workplace ‘whistleblowing’ policy which allows people at work to raise concerns and report areas such as negligence, dangers to health and safety or crimes whilst being protected from dismissal or victimisation. My workplace has policies and procedures in place for the sharing of information with others, which in order to analyse my wo...

An analysis of eHarmony, including the five forces according to Porter

...The customer’s personal interests were analyzed through a matching algorithm that often guarantees personal satisfaction. According to Piskorski, Halaburda & Smith, results from a study conducted in 2005 showed that on average in the United States, members belonging to the eHarmony site married everyday, and by 2007on average, 236 eHarmony members were getting married daily (8). The company continued to strategize in a bid to invent products that would attract more members and retain the ...

Principles of communication in adult social care settings

...Effective communication is essential to maintaining the quality of life that a care user requires to enable them to stay at home and be safe. If there is any need to talk to other members of the care team it should be done in a professional and timely manner. If this isn't adhered to clients well-being can be impacted on Effective communication between service user and carer is a day to day issue that has to be effective. If communication is not maintained a service user may lose trust and confi...

Interpersonal Communication Case study

...#4.) Using the specific examples from the case study, list and discuss at least three listening barriers that may cause conflict between Lavar and Parris. 1) Distractions: We get distracted by what is going on outside (our surroundings) and inside ourselves. 2) Attachment to personal beliefs and values: We tend to find facts and evidence that support our views and we dismiss anything that weakens them. 3) Misinterpretations: When we add an interpretation to what someone's saying or doing, we int...

Communication and interpersonal skills

...Forums and emails are an efficient mechanism for short, chatty updates. It is also a good method of quickly communicating messages to several people and allowing further discussion with feedback and input. Another communication barrier that could occur would be staff not being clear of tasks that have been set for them to do by the busy, Principal Dentist. If this is done in an ad hoc, informal manner the tasks may not be done in the correct way or simply keep being rolled forward. To help overc...

Verbal and nonverbal communication

...vocal characterizers (laugh, cry, yell, moan, whine, belch, yawn). These send different messages in different cultures (Japan — giggling indicates embarrassment; India – belch indicates satisfaction) vocal qualifiers (volume, pitch, rhythm, tempo, and tone). Loudness indicates strength in Arabic cultures and softness indicates weakness; indicates confidence and authority to the Germans,; indicates impoliteness to the Thais; indicates loss of control to the Japanese. (Generally, one learns n...

Mobile phones: blessing or curse?

...On the face of things, mobiles make life more convenient. They allow you to be much more flexible or spontaneous when making arrangements with friends, so that you can ring ahead, for example, if your train has come to a standstill. They also mean that you can stay in touch with work colleagues even when you are travelling and do not have access to a landline. There is a flipside to these arguments though. If people can be more spontaneous then they are more likely to wriggle out of arrangements...

Building and maintaining relationships

...Another effective way I was able to communicate with my employees when they struggled with particular job tasks is to utilize coaching as a corrective technique rather than discipline. I found that through effective coaching you are much more able to successfully communicate and improve your work area than through discipline. In important way that the book conveys that align with my beliefs is communicating in a way that doesn’t put then receiver on the defensive, when this happens it creates ...

Assessment Task Facial expression

...Galushkin, I 2003, Text Messages: A potentially rich medium in distributed organizations, prismjournal, Vol.1, no.1, pp. 1-13, viewed 30 August 2013,http://www.prismjournal.org/fileadmin/Praxis/Files/Journal_Files/issue1/refereed_articles_paper4.pdf. Gardner H, Kleiner F S 2009, Understanding interpersonal communication: A concise global history, Cengage learning, Boston, MA. Goldmann, R W, Mallory J R 1992, Overcoming communication barriers: communication with deaf people, Library trends, Vol. ...

Support individuals with specific communication needs

...People with Acquired Brain Injury have found taking pictures of their therapy sessions via a smart phone a great way to remember what they did in a day and an easy way to share this information with their family & friends. Modern smart phones and apps are being used by people with a variety of cognitive and communication problems to support them to recall what they did in a day, to share pictures of events with loved ones and to communicate via a device that the general public also uses. Cho...

Customer Service in Travel and tourism

...Features statement highlighting the key features of the particular product, Advantage statement indicating what the product or service can do in general, and benefits statement expressing specifically what the product can do for the customer. Overcoming objections may occur after explaining the features and benefits. These may be based on price or availability of services or may resulting in insufficient choice range by the salesperson. In this stage questions will need to be asked to discover e...

?The effects of Information and Communication Technologies

...Education has become one of the most important issues not only for the individuals but for organizations and governments around the world. Since the world is changing rapidly with the advancement in technology informal ways of learning are also required for that purpose. ICTs for education refers to the development of information and communications technology specifically for teaching/learning purposes, while the ICTs in education involves the adoption of general components of information and co...

Barriers of Communication

...When we communicate things that we care about, we do so mainly using nonverbal signals. Wordless communication, or body language, includes facial expressions, body movement and gestures, eye contact, posture, and the tone of your voice. By texting and emailing this barrier is created and confusion can happen. So, if it is an important conversation or an important message to relay to another person it is best to talk to them face to face. This would lower ones chances of distorting the message or...

Discursive essay (1): a balanced argument

...Being able to send short, written messages via mobile phone has clearly advanced communication in certain respects. The greatest benefit of texting is that it allows us to communicate instantly with other people wherever they are, but without interrupting them in the way that a phone call would, and allowing them to reply whenever it is convenient for them to do so. In addition, sending a text, for example to arrange where to meet someone, is a quick, concise, and efficient way of communicating,...

Persuasive Memo


?Dangerous habits of drivers

...There is always people running late for appointments, teen drivers who feel they have a great deal of experience behind the wheel, and drivers with fast sports vehicles who think they have the right to go faster than everyone else. Speeding can cause a driver to receive a ticket, go to court, attend traffic school, and on top of all that, make their insurance rates rise. If a driver gets several speeding tickets in a short amount of time, the DMV may suspend the license. When you speed, you have...

?Chapter 12 QFR Fundamental of Management

...Groups typically move through all the stages in the order given, and groups that try to “short cut” the group development process will often have unresolved issues that will persistently re-surface. The management of mature teams can focus more on performance than on effective development, which means a focus on tasks, rather than on relationships, structures, and culture. For example, while members of a developing group may want or need to spend time getting to know their fellow members thr...

Understand sensory loss

...As people age it is a common thought that losing some sight or hearing, or both, is a normal part of ageing rather than being potentially disabling. With rising numbers of people over the age of 60 and growing life expectancy, the percentage of older people who experience both sight and hearing loss is also escalating. In particular, there has been a major increase in the number of people living to ‘old’ old age (85+), when it is now thought that deafblindness is most likely to be challengin...

Communication Technology Essay

...In summary, communication technology provides advantages and disadvantages and without a doubt have a huge impact on society and the future. Communication technology can be said to be the invention of the century because of the changes it make to the human race, it can be said to be the “line” that distinguish between the era of information technology in comparison to the last era. Communication technology provides an insight to our future and will continue to bring benefit to our society pr...

Evaluate the effectiveness of speech, language and communicate

...When activities and play opportunities are planned, children’s level of language needs to be considered. Certain activities require a high level of language and so may not be appropriate for a child whose language is still developing, for example ’20 questions’ or ‘I spy’. Language is also needed for role play and so it is important to think about whether children who want to join in role play need support. The ability to process language also means some activities which require childr...

Benefits Of Text Messaging For Children

...In the conclusion, the researchers added that no link so far was found between the use of text conversations and the spelling abilities of all the study participants. "This suggests that, as anticipated, at this stage of development there is no evidence of a detrimental effect of textisms exposure on conventional spelling," they stated in their report. And no matter what is the case, it is becoming more of an accepted fact that texting is neither hurting children, nor it makes them any dumber, o...

Role of media in present society

...Media should portray the facts. They should not transform the reality.Education and discipline is key to progress. This is the difference between a nation and a crowd. Media men have access to people and they have an audience. Their programs have an impact and people listen to them.That's why they are more responsible for the betterment of the society. They should work to educate the people, to help the people and to liberate the people and to empower the people.Media plays a very important role...

?ModMeters Case

...The challenge for ModMeters CIO would be poorly integrated processes for developing IT and business strategies, unbalanced strategic/tactical initiatives, and weak strategizing skills in the workplace. The ModMeters Company will be required to attend training sessions, to ensure each employee understand the important elements of effective communication. I believe that communication is the key to a healthy and long-term relationship. I feel that the executive staffs are overseeing their departmen...

Gadgets For The Youth: Beneficial Or Not

...Competency - Increased dependency on modern tools like calculators has reduced on our creativity. You can find a student when they can solve a very simple mathematical equation without using a calculator. This affects the way this student uses their brains and reduces on the level of creativity. Social Networking - Students who use their computers or cell phones to participate in social networking sites may post material considered inappropriate by school authorities. They may also develop an un...

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