Communication Through Graphic Design Essay

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Communication Through Graphic Design

I’m going to college to earn a degree in Graphic Design. Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. My dream has always been to work for a large successful major business or company. I would love to live in the city and be able to drive down the high way or pick up a magazine and see my design in it for everyone to see.

One of the biggest meanings of the word “design” is planning. To design is to come up with a plan for all elements of a project. I’ve always been really big on making plans. Like when I go to the mall I don’t like to just walk around aimlessly. I like to have a planned route of certain stores I’m going to go to, and in what order I’m going to go to them.

I’ve never actually thought about the communication process when it comes to a career in Graphic Design. I always figured it was a career with little communication considering it’s all mostly done on the computer and independently. Depending on the job task, company, or person your doing a certain job for there has to be plenty on communication in order to get the project and design done. Which is a sender receiver type of communication. When going to create a design you must pay close attention to the person telling you what to design. So good communication skills are relevant to get a good job done and reach your bosses standards.

Graphic Design is all about communicating images, ideas, and information visually. There are many different types of communication, Graphic Design is visual and non-verbal communication. For example, a billboard on the side of the road is still a form of communication even though there isn’t technically any talking going on. People drive by and still get the point and the message without any verbal communication.

Some interesting history I never realized or thought about is that technically graphic design started back in the prehistoric period. With cavemen doing cave paintings and markings on boulders to relay a message to others. It’s interesting to think that people have been creating forms of non verbal communication through somewhat Graphic Design for quite some time now.

Graphic Designs involves intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. This is because with this type of job comes lots of thinking, analyzing, listening, observing, questioning, and evaluating. Also I learned that there’s nonverbal physical means in Graphic Design such as; sign language, touch, eye contact, and body language by using design. It’s through communication that understanding, cooperation, and collaboration occur. Communication skills is way more important in Graphic Design than most would assume.

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