Communication Studies Internal Assessment Essay

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Communication Studies Internal Assessment

The Communication Studies course requires us as students to complete an internal assessment. The internal assessment grade will be added to the cape communication studies examination grade to produce the final grade. Not completing the internal assessment will result in a failure grade because without the internal assessment grade the examination grade will ‘Ungraded’.

Relationship to Work-related Interests
The theme that I choose to study for my Internal Assessment has no relation to my work related interest.

Relationship to Personal Interests
The theme that I chose has significant relation to my personal interest. It is my personal opinion that the police force has caused their police related killings to rise greatly over the years.

Theme and Purpose

The theme that I will be focusing on is Police Brutality but looking in depth on reckless shooting.

My purpose for choosing this theme is because the number of police related has made a significant rise over the years and the police’s incident reports seem to be inaccurate and unbelievable.


The reflective piece is a story about a boy who witnessed police brutality first hand. The intended audience for the piece is my subject teacher, fellow classmates and to others to whom it may concern.

Reflective Piece
Another week of football practice was finally over for David. He was extremely tired and had a long journey home since he lived about forty miles for school. David was a seventeen year old boy in his last year of high school. David had to take three different vehicles to and from school every day. He left school about 5:00pm and now as he was about to board his second vehicle it was 6:30pm which means he would not reach home until minutes to nine. David did not like to travel on the road at such late hours but had no choice, to remain a member of the football team, practice was a must. While travelling on the bus David was replaying what he learned at school today in his head, both at class and on the field. Because David was a strong believer that sports plus academics was the recipe for success.

About to board his final transport home he hears his name being shouted from behind. “David, David!!” When he looked back it was his Uncle Sean. David’s Uncle was an electrician; he lived seven blocks away with his wife, Stephanie, and their three children, Danielle, Kayla and Donovan. David liked Uncle Sean the best because they shared the same love for football. “How was football practice David?” Sean asked as soon as David entered the car, “It was cool, learnt a new tackling technique today”, David replied. The rest of the journey they talked about nothing but football, the English premier league, the best football players in Jamaica, the world cup champions. David completely forgot how tired he was and was completely wrapped up in his intense conversation with his Uncle.

Out of nowhere behind them they heard a police’s car siren. Uncle Sean, thinking that they wanted clear passage to pass, slowed down but they were not passing the car. Uncle Sean decided to stop the car and see what the problem was. The police car stopped in front of them and two police officers exited the car. “Get out of the car, this is a search”, one of them ordered. David and his uncle exited the car and watch while the one of the officers searched the car. The other went to David and his uncle, “Lift your hands in the air and spread your legs, two a inno”, he ordered. After completing his search he walked over to the other officer.

“So we find weed pon yuh, yuh no say yuh can affi pay five thousand dollar or else”, one of the officers said, holding a parcel with ganja inside of it. “That is not mine; it must be yours because I don’t know where you found that. It could not be in my car”, Sean replied. “Yow idiot bwoy, a accuse yuh a accuse mi partner!” the other officer shouted. The police officer walked right up to Sean and hit him in the face. “do wah yuh want, mi nah pay yuh no money batty bwoy”, Sean screamed.

The police man pointed the gun in Sean face and said, “gaan way to far” and fired the gun, twice. David ran in some nearby bushes and escaped the police. That night David’s uncle died. Again the police force had robbed another family one of their valuable members. Robbed a business one valuable employee and robbed society a valuable member. David reached home safely and told his mother everything that happened. *JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED*

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