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Communication Skills for Health Professionals Essay

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Communication skills are important for health professionals because they deal with different situations and people every day. Furthermore, an example to use the appropriate communication is when the professional has to give bad news of an unfavourable diagnostics. For instance, the dentist to give the diagnostics of oral cancer for their patient, this situation is necessary to have correct communication to do the treatment and to give the correct support for their patient such as empathy and touch.


Firstly, most of people who seek a professional health is because they are in unfarovable health condition and need special care.

Also, it is very common in dental treatment because many people feel afraid when to go the dentist. It is proved that many of them feeling very anxious when they go to a dental treatment (Cockburn and Walters).Principally, in unfavourable diagnostics, for example oral cancer. In this context, the health professional have ability to provide the appropriate communication such empathy.

For professional to be empathy is very important for all principally in bad news that involves patient and sometimes to their family fully to give information and to help continuing the treatment.(Mundada, 2012). A patient with an unfavourable diagnostics need of feel comfortable on various parameters and the empathy as communications is very helpful like dealing with your anxiety, expectations for your family can follow the treatment. The empathy interferes On impacts of the treatment procedure and the expectations of what will be the treatment. This type of communications is extremely important in case the conversation, clarify doubts and speak as will be the treatment for the patient to be aware of what can happen and not have unexpected reactions.

Secondly, it is very important factor and has a good ability of communication such as touch because it helps to support psychological care during treatment. Sometimes many doctors have difficult to deal with kind of situations such as painful, physical suffering impending death and bereavement (Cockburn and Walters, 1999). Also, it is known that many undergrade students are not trained in communications skills and many medical schools do not insist in this subject. Its represents the lack of touch in a long time (Cockburn and Walters, 1999). The communication such as touch in the treatment sometimes is difficult to many doctors because they attend many people in the same day and they will have this situation for a long time.(Cockburn and Wlaters,1999) that occurs common factor and many times it is interfere in the patient treatment because they do not have the adequate type of this. Principally, with bad diagnostics that usually is not expected for anyone.

One of the most difficult tasks for some doctors is to break bad news to a patient, such as a diagnosis of cancer. (Cockburn and Waterls, 1999) That may causes stress, familiars problems, emotional factors. The most appropriate commination skills is helpul to create a field to the patient feel comfortable and freely to do the procedure and touch in extremely important in this situation. The most important factor for the communicate is with professionalism and use the communication that can better confidence and quality of care in the patient.(Mundada,1992).Its helps the patient expects dentists to listen and understand their needs.(Mudunda,1992).


Take everything into account communications skills are essential for all health professionals. Sometimes, in medical schools this subject in not trained to undergrade (Cockburn and Walters). Also, lack of communication can interfere the patient treatment principally when is necessary give bad news that involves many emotional problems such as psychological and anxiety. Obviously, the professional cannot support all problems to their patient but give the appropriate support with professionalism and empathy and touch good cues of communication and it help the professionals to have a great impressive and attend the necessity of their patients.(Mundada and Walters).


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