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Communication skills Essay

The feeling changed as the days went on because I got more and more confident, and began to talk to people fluently and with less muttering. I started to enjoy the job more and began to feel like a real member of staff. I worked with a number of people, both male a female. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. Surprisingly, most of the workers acted unprofessionally and used bad language. They swore a lot and were obsessed with some of words. Two words, which were used in almost every sentence, were ‘ superb’ and ‘wank’. One person in particular I would like to describe is a man called Matt Arnold.

This person’s personality was one of a kind. He was quiet tall and built, he had a bold head with a brown hair coloured gouty. His personality was different because he was just that type of person that makes you laugh by not meaning to make you laugh. He says the silliest things, and says them so seriously, that you begin to believe them. Although he was a bit of a mess about, he was probably one of the most educated and helpful people there. That’s why I think he is unique. Another person I would mention is a man called Justin Harris. This is possibly the jolliest person I have ever seen.

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He makes jokes about everything and makes the most boring things sound interesting. One of the most positive aspects of work is that I met new people and was able to develop my communication skills. Also I learnt some new skills from work. E. g. how to use some of the machines. I think that learning these new skills was great as it could help me in further life. One of the most rewarding things about working in Toys R Us was dealing with customers. It naturally makes you feel good when you know you have helped someone and that you can make a difference. I think one of the most worthwhile things I did was in the workshop.

This is where we had to build bikes and tables, etc. I think this was helpful, because it is a bit like DIY, and everybody needs to know some DIY for further life. I think overall the most positive things were that they offered me a job. This was great as it made me feel like I have worked hard and made a difference. I think the negative aspects of work were that we did almost the same things everyday. For example, once they taught you one skill, they made you use it for a couple of days. I don’t think this is useful because I went on work experience to learn lots of new things.

In away I did feel exploited because I felt that they were making me do all they’re hard boring jobs. E. g. stacking big heavy boxes on high shelves. This from time to time made me feel angry and unimportant. Looking back at what kind of job I first wanted, this is nothing like it. I think I did achieve some or most of my goals. For example better communication skills, I know I have achieved this because I spoke to everybody at work properly and with confidence. I learnt that this job was really hard work, and overall was not very exciting. It was also very tiring, much more than school.

The job was something like what I expected, but one thing that surprised me, where the people, they were not as profession as there made out to be. I think they just do this in front of customers. Overall it compares to a school day very differently, this is because, its very long hours, and its hard work. I think overall I did quiet well, and I am proud of my work. I would recommend the placement for others, but only if they are hard workers and willing to work. I think this job has not helped me come to a conclusion about my future at all. This is because its nothing like the type of job I wanted or was interested in.

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