Communication skills Essay

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Communication skills

Communication is a vital human process that people practice and commit to everyday. Communication is used by people to in interacting with one another and in developing or establishing a particular relationship with the other participants involved in the communication process. Through communication, people are able to understand each other’s views and ideas. There are various types of communication used by people. As such, messages can be conveyed by using different ways and means of communicating with others. One of the important types of communication is through public speaking.

We often see this type of communication among public officials when conducting their speeches and any person with authority rendering important messages. Public speaking is a form of mass communication devised to address a diverse group of people at one time. Public speaking is an art or process of addressing the public. It is also a form of an effective oral communication in front of an audience (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2009). Public speaking is often regarded as an art just like acting and dancing. This misconception led us to alter or conceal the usefulness of public speaking.

There are two types of art, aesthetics and useful arts. The two is far different from each other. Aesthetic arts aim to render entertainment, and as such giving pleasure is its main goal. On the other hand, useful arts aim to accomplish a material and useful ends (Dolman, 2008). Public speaking is a real communication between persons and is a form of practice of the useful art. In instances, public speaking may pave the way for a significant change. Public speaking is often neglected and overlooked by people who think it is not important for thinking that they will never be engaged in speaking in public.

But sometimes, unexpected situations arise as we are called for a presentation of a topic in front of a large and diverse audience. It is no longer an issue if public speaking should be included in the comprehensive curricula of schools and universities. The place of public speaking in the campuses has long been established for its assumed relevance to the people once they have to face reality and its challenges. Teaching this course, maybe in one form or another, is important in a child’s education.

It is assumed that students are not only trained to have knowledge in effective communication, but also teaches them rigid intellectual discipline (Winter, 2005). Regardless of your personality and what line of job you are doing, you will never know when the time to speak in front of an audience has risen. The training offered in schools serves as a preparation for the future needs for effective oral communication. It may be an academic presentation or a big company address. In both these fields, effective public speaking is required in addressing the audience.

Some people do not give high importance in acquiring good public speaking skills thinking that the skill is designed for public officials and salesman. Good public speaking skill is the gem of good and effective communication skills and acquiring such skills may be essential in one’s career. Even if you are signing up for a new job, employers consider the communication skills both spoken and written and become part of their hiring decision. Skills in public speaking do not only prove as useful in addressing large audiences but it is also inter-related with the other communication skills of a person.

As you improve your public speaking skills, you also improve your interpersonal communication with your peers and family. The skill in public speaking has become exceedingly useful to people and to the traditional and contemporary society. No one exactly ever knows who will be the next leaders of the society. Once leadership is achieved by an individual, the skill in public speaking is very important and indispensable. Every prominent man and woman in every field is often required to address different kinds of audiences once a while (Hayworth, 2005).

There are a number of reasons why people should learn public speaking and why every student should take such course. First, almost every one of us will be required to be involved in public speaking at some point in our lives. It may be a simple class reporting or recitation or an inaugural speech, preparation and knowledge is vital to every person as they engage in such activity. In addition, employers value the skill in public speaking in finding their potential employees. Acquiring a skill or formal education in public speaking will give the person an edge or an advantage in finding a job.

Lastly, being an effective speaker renders one the tool to significantly change and make a difference in your business or community (MoneyInstructor. com, n. d. ). A person may not know what type of career he or she will end up working. It may be in a fast food chain or in a big company, where constant communication with clients and customers require effective communication. Public speaking may be able to teach how to compose oneself in dealing with clients and customers and how to relate to them through various types of communication.

Moreover, students will not only develop their communication skill when taking up this course. Learning the subject may offer them the ability and capacity to meet the demands of life. In the class, they will develop more poise and confidence that may help and enable them to face situations which require such skills and abilities (Hayworth, 2005). Learning public speaking skills will not only improve your communication skills but will also improve discipline, posture, and boost one’s confidence. Communication skills may continue to improve over the years, the key is constant practice and developing these skills.

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