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Communication Monographs Essay

Hospice Employees are the employees providing care to those for the sick and terminally ill; they are staffed by physicians, nurses home health aides, social workers, counselors, clergy, and community volunteers. Hospices are a specially trained team that develops a care okay to trail patients’ needs for pain. This study explores the communication of compassion at work, and extends past research on compassion, highlighting its complete nature and a model that presents its communication action.

The study was done to bring attention to the discrete details of each patient’s situation is fundamental to the communicative compassion sub process of recognizing. The method of analysis were relied upon a two-level iterative analysis, alternately using etic-level categories bas on existing research and theory and emic level categories that emerged from the data and participant’s voices (Miles & Huberman, 1994).

Open coding was engaged then identifying relationships and second-level analytic themes in the codes was processed. The open codes were classified into groups, analytic memos explored the categories, and data was recorded then used theoretically. Interviews with 29 nurses were completed, and the hypothesis stated was ‘Conceptualization not only captures the sub process of compassion, but also highlights the integral role of communication’.

Compassion is accomplished through communication behaviors and attending verbal social support, in order to influence organizational performance and work outcomes. Many researchers show that people prefer to die at home, surrounded by their loved ones, and free of pain. But hospice advocates less obtrusive end-of-life techniques, trying to keep the dying free from pain, which is referred to as ‘death with dignity’. Hospice supports physical and psychosocial needs, nursing dying patients and their families.

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Compassion fatigue is a form of traumatic stress, resulting from extra care, as it is told to be the ‘cost of caring’. The concept evolved from the study of employers who witness suffering (example; nurses) (Abendroth & Flannery, 2006). All employee is inauthentic or organizationally mandated, employees feel ‘put on’ sometimes, the work becomes emotional and they feel that they are authentically expressing warranted emotion.

Healthcare provides new jobs and opportunities to workers; hospice workers often enter such jobs with the idea of ‘helping others’, or ‘making a difference’ to this world. However, research shows employees who work in such personal social service cares, experience the highest rates of depression in the US (NSDUH report, 2007). Burnout; conceptualized as a consequence of caregiving stressors is characterized by; emotional exhaustion, depersonalization or a negative shift in responses to others, mainly clients, and a decreased sense of personal accomplishments (Debbie, 2008).

Sociologist Clark (1997) insisted on understanding the social and cultural phenomenon of sympathy, and engaged in a collection of analysis. Clark’s study was developed by Kanov et al. (2004); identifying three interrelated processes: noticing another’s emotional state, feeling the other’s pain (through empathic concern), and responding by working to alleviate another’s suffering.

Volunteer activities included direct patient care, such as feeding, grooming, changing beds, and providing both the patient and the patients family care. Recognizing is necessary is holistic nature of hospice care, as it implies we understand the value in others’ communicative cues, timing, and context, as well as the cracks between messages. Relating also took several forms of hospice; as you have to relate to the patients position, feel with them and stand by them. Reacting, also plays a role in hospice, how the employee reacts with a client affects the client.

In conclusion, emotional connections are the keys to compassion. Two communication issues are revealed in this article; firstly, if a hospice misbehaves towards a client it affects the feelings of the client, and secondly, hospices jobs aren’t as easy as they seem, as it is leading to high depression rates. This study reveals that the contours of compassion in organizational life are complex and dynamic, which I personally agree on.

The hypothesis stated was proven, and makes complete sense ‘Conceptualization highlights the integral role of communication’. Helping provide insight on adaptive and energizing emotional processes and illustrating how work can be meaningful, important, and lead to human growth is an important factor to our lives. Care, generosity and compassion should be traded within workplaces.

Other Resources:

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