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Communication issues Essay

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Communication issues

There are a number of brands that offered good products but they failed miserably because they were not able to sell enough of their products or services. Too often we see that so many promising airlines close because they wer not able to sell enough tickets and control costs and so on. The thing is that marketing and indeed branding is dependent on the way customers perceive a particular product. It is therefore critical for companies to ensure firstly that the right message is sent to the customers and secondly at the end of it all the message does reach without too much noise and disturbances.

There are hundreds of thousands of brands that are being advertised on television and print media and therefore it is so important that companies are precise with their message such that the message is across to the customers and they retain it from an option of virtually an infinite list of brands. This is precisely why we have stressed the need to brand products in such a way that only one main distinguishing factor is higlighted in the promotional campaign. This is extremely crucial because it allows customers to easily understand and retain the message of the company’s brand.

Another thing that is related to this concept is the use of appropriate media while sending the message to the customers. Certain time slots in the television medium are expensive compared to others because of the viewership and other factors; these are the things that campaign managers must identify and address. Target audience must be the ones who should watch the adverts atleast otherwise the whole cost could go to waste. What we have discussed in the communication issues heading is that firms need to address certain brand specific issues to avoid mal-function of the whole advertising campaign.

Without enough ammunition that is directed at the right target market firms will end up with a disadvantaged cost benefit analysis. Advertisement campaigns must fulfill their key goal that is getting the desired message to the right audience group. Conclusion It is of critical importance that the right message is first identified and then send to the customer using which ever media that best suits the audiences. It might sound a difficult task but many small and large companies have been able to establish powerful brand names across the globe.

Some of the most important things that we think are crucial to success of a brand campaign include adequate market research; without adequate market research and analysis it is very difficult to know what the customers think and which places do they look at when they want to buy new clothing lines. Another important factor is the way the brand distinguishes itself from other similar brands; this can be done through originality of the thought process and getting the basic original idea of the product to the customers.

Secondly the pricing and packaging of the product must be according to the image that has been portrayed through advertisements and other campaigns. There is also a case for companies to target market costumers through placing the product just at the right place. This not only increases credibility but it also strenghtens the market position of the brand and the company. We must also understand that sometimes its important to factor in the initial response of the crowd about the product this attitude of constant improvement can help the company keep its brands healthy and robust.

It is of critical importance for firms to avoid disturbances that might impede the message that they want their customers to receive. An important step is to first clean out and simplify the message and secondly look to develop a platform which attracts attention. For instance television adverts of Vodafone are so well choreographed that they attract the customers attention and then they tell the message in stories and other forms.

This is a very good strategy to avoid any noise and disturbance from other advertisements that might be playing side by side. The Vodafone television advertisement campaign is a prime example of how firms can make an impression in the minds of the consumer for a long lasting time. Ultimately it’s the costumer base that will determine the result of the branding drive and whether it would be successful or not. The brand must be focused on a particular strength and acceptable demand of the costumers.


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