Communication In The Classroom Essay

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Communication In The Classroom

What is the difference between discussions you would have in a college class and a casual conversation with a friend? I think there are many differences between a college discussion and a casual conversation, I feel this way because when classmates get together they discuss the things that they learned in class. The difference in a casual friend conversation is the use of their language. When I was attending Colorado Technical school, we had to conduct group sessions via being on a telephone speaker, and I noticed that a during a college discussion the students spoke clean, clearly, and respectfully toward one another.

When I was involved in discussions with my group we kept a positive attitude and never spoke to one another in a negative manner. I later noticed that when I spoke to a casual friend, the conversation was totally different, we used slang words and somethings we used foul language. So, with this said, there is a lot of difference in the communication in the classroom between fellow classmates and friends. My friends understand our language between ourselves, but, I wouldn’t try to communicate with people in the same manner, because both relationships are totally different and need to be handled in a separate manner at all times.

What are the three different ways you can demonstrate respect for your fellow classmates during discussions. When I read the information about the communication in the classroom, it brought back memories of when I was attended Colorado Technical College, we had a simular discussion concerning how we should demonstrate respect for my classmates. I learned from the reading and from my previous class, that it’s always good to think about what I am going to say first, before I raise my hand. My opinion is that we should show respect for our classmates, by giving them a chance to share their opinions, ask questions or even answer questions.

I also think raising your hand shows respect to the professor, but, in our case, we attend class online. I feel showing respect while in class can consist of such paying attention and making eye contact to a person who is speaking. I’ve noticed in my pass experiences, doing this shows the person that they have your full attention. Last, I feel that a way to demonstrate respect is to always address people with their names. Or, by their nicknames if they are okay with being addressed in that manner. It’s also respectful to address the professors, the University staff in a proper manner as well.

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