Communication in a Maternity Ward Essay

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Communication in a Maternity Ward

Interpersonal communication is the process of sending and receiving information between two or more people but it has to be visual for example, a conversation with between a midwife and a patient. Whereas written communication is where you send and receive information but it has to be non visual for example typing up a patients details or sending an email as reference. When using nonverbal communication you should: Use gestures to help to clarify messages to the patients as differences in body language can cause a misunderstanding * Make sure to use the correct grammar and be clear as all documents are official When using verbal communication you should: * Listen carefully and patiently * Speak slowly, clearly and avoid slang * Be respectful, assertive, empathetic, clear, attentive, honest and non-judgmental. These are key things that shall keep your patient at ease and help to create a bond with your patient. * Remember that body language is still part of the communication we are always communicating, whether we’re speaking or not.

Only 7% of communication is verbal, 55% comes from facial expressions and 38% comes from the way the words were said. So make sure you’re relaxed and clam then the patient shall feel this way and feel like they are in safe hands. There are many different audiences in communication varying on: age, culture and social and educational differences. Some examples of these audiences can be a business woman or young teenager. The type of communication will differ between them as will the way you communicate the message.

You can adapt the way you communicate to suit the situation your patient is going through such as helping a first time mum who is scared by reassuring them and explain things calmly and clearly or someone who’s had more than one child by listening to them clearly. You can change your voice, language and body language to suit the different situations and how each patient feels. From using verbal communication the nurse comes to know the patient as a unique individual, this means that the patient come to trust the nurse which would put them at ease. Many techniques can be used to keep your patient calm.

Such as asking questions or telling a story to distract and explain the situation easily and clearly. By using these techniques you shall keep your patient at ease throughout labour. Written communication is vital within the nursing industry as anything that is documented such as patients record/chart is a legal document which could be relied on in court if anything went wrong. If something isn’t documented then legally it didn’t happen. Other things that a midwife would need to document are a patient’s assessment, plan of care, change in status, health care and how the nurse left the patient. A report should be clear and concise.

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