Communication and interpersonal interactions Essay

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Communication and interpersonal interactions

Explain strategies used in health and social care environments to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interactions

Sometimes in health and social care, professionals find it hard to be able to communicate with patients and clients because of reasons such as disabilities. Sometimes people with certain disabilities need help and support in order to communicate with professionals effectively. People with learning difficulties may need to have a advocate with them who talks behalf of the person who may feel nervous or uncomfortable because they have learning difficulty. They may also feel confused because of the terminology that the professionals may use that the patient may not understand.

There are also many types of services that help people with disabilities in order to interact effectively with the professionals such as, signers, translators, physiologists, and mentors. Some patients or clients may have different types of disabilities such as being death. People who have ear imperilment often have signers who will sign whatever is being said by the professional and to the patient who is unable to hear to be able to interact effectively with what is being said by the professional.

People who are unable to speak English will have a translator with them who is someone who translates one language into another for the patient so the patient and professional is able to communicate with each other. Some patients use some forms of technologies such as hearing aids and mobile phones to be able to text and communicate. Hearing aids are made for people with hearing imperment, to be able to hear clearly by adjusting the volume to a good level to be able to help them hear clearly. Texting is also another form of communication as some people that are death may prefer communicating with professionals through text.

Patients and clients may have preffered languages which may include first language, braile, makaton and sign. People that are paralised E. G. Steven Hawkins, they would use a makaton to be able to communicate which is a language programme for people who are not able to speak efficiently that patients may use to be able to communicate with professionals. Another form of preferred language may be first language, people who speak more than 1 language may prefer speaking their own language with a professional that speaks it too as they may feel that they are able to communicate better with their first language.

People who are blind will use a braille which is a form of system that has alphabets of dots which can be read through touch. People with visual impairment will use a braille that needs to be provided to them by professionals to be able to communicate with them. Active listening is also another strategy that is used to interact effectively as it can show a clear understanding of what has being said. Active listening involves listening to patients and then reflecting back on what has been said to make it clear the message they have received is understood.

As a individual, all patients have the right to be treated in a caring way by the service workers that they access. Health professions support patients and clients in many ways such as promoting rights, maintaining empowerment, and maintaining confidenialty. Maintain confidentiality under the act of confidentiality y is very important and MUST be maintained to all patients and clients of care and under the law.

All patients and clients have the right to confidentiality meaning they have the right to access what information is being held by them, to change any inaccurate information, and to have the right to private information being locked up safely where know one can access. All health professions maintain confidentiality by storing private information about patients in a safe place, not sharing or talking about anyones information with people from outside other than colleagues. Professionals also make sure that they maintain confidentiality by giving patients and clients privacy to be able to have their own personal space.

When services users access services, professionals try their best to make them feel pleased about the service so they try the best as they can to make patients feel like they are at home by maintaining empowerment. Empowerment means being able to give choices of freedom to be able to make patients feel pleased about the service and happy. All professionals are aware that everyone has individual differences such as religion, so they make sure that they provide different types of choices to people from different religions such as Muslims and also provide different types of choices according to peoples preferences.

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