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Communication And Employability Skills In IT


In this document, I will describe and justify the personal attributes that are valued by Employers for jobs in IT. I will include 6 attributes: two Specific, 2 General and 2 attitude related attributes.

IT Technician

The main responsibility revolves around making certain that a company’s pc systems stay purposeful and well maintained. They additionally see to that that the workers and clients of the corporate are given the necessary technical support.

The responsibilities of IT technicians are varied. They will be asked to diagnose computers for various problems and troubleshoot systems.

To work out what the matter is, they perform tests on the pc systems. If minor repairs are required to correct the system, they are trained to handle it yet, because of these, IT technicians need to have extensive knowledge of the pc hardware and software system. They must even have some about concerning programming and operative systems to be able to do their tasks well.


Specific /Job-Related Attributes

Most jobs need the employee to possess certain skills and knowledge associated with their job.

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For instance, to be able to code in an exceedingly sure language. If an employer asks for certain, skills then AN employee will then show them proof like certificates or academic qualifications. This shows to the employer that the worker has the ability needed and is good at it. Meeting the standards that your employer asks for is vital to induce to get and if the employee has qualities asked for then they must make it clear so that they are noticeable and gain an advantage against the opposite candidates.

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Technical Knowledge

WithinIT technical knowledge will allow for safe working precedes and practice, this will help to allow for accurate work. Technical knowledge is also required for a large percentage of jobs in the IT sector.

For example, an IT Technician should have information and knowledge of understanding equipment used in their work. If the technician has an understanding of the tools they will use it will facilitate them to be more accurate with their work, to not have any huge problems.

Good Working Procedures

IT technicians, as well as all employees, are expected to have a good operating procedure and be able to follow the Health and Safety regulation place in place by their company.

Employees should take due care of themselves and others, who may well be affected by what they are doing, therefore this suggests that employees should bear in mind of others around them and not put them at the damage in any approach. They should always report dangers around the workplace. If an employee has been injured at work, seen an unsafe occurrence, they need to tell their employer in order that they know first-hand.


Planning Skills

Planning skills are important to any job as much as IT. This is because employers want all the time and work to be managed effectively, ensuring that work is completed on time and to an adequate standard. An individual or a group that is performing on a similar style of the assignment will form different plans. These plans should contain information like what is required to be done – and what roles people have information such as what are the risks and the way to prevent them, and therefore the desired outcomes should all be included. The majority of employees should be ready to take initiative by having the ability to priorities differing types of tasks. By allowing this, this enables for much more effective working and for work to be completed at afaster rate. Employees should not attempt to fit an excessive amount of work all into a working day. Because it can produce, additional issues for themselves like not having the ability to complete the work and this might cause stressful behaviour.

Time Management

Time Management is an extremely valued asset to employers because of it shows them that you have complete skills to assist and manage your time effectively; it shows to your employer how reliable you will be able to be for not only them but additionally the company as well.

An IT Technician would need to own good timekeeping so they can complete the various task assigned to them on time. If the technician has missed a crucial task, that involves a client who is within the IT industry, then the company may well be seriously affected. Another example would be if there have been multiple system failures and the IT technician was late that day or did not bother to return at all, that may have led to all the company’s information to be lost.

If they had been late various times or they had misused deadlines, the employees work standards would be poor and therefore the employers would have to begin assessing the situation. Being late for work will show your employers that you are untrustworthy, and missing deadlines may cause serious consequence like being downgraded or perhaps cause them, to being fired.


Obtaining a good, encouraging attitude at work will reflect on what you do and make you a much more productive employee. This can conclude on how well you do on your tasks and projects are done. If you display a good attitude, your co-workers as well as you will be making it easier to communicate and progress together at work.

Self – Discipline

Most jobs related to IT rely on how Self-disciplined the employee is. Most of the time in IT you would be working by yourself and would be completing tasks or projects, you would need to make sure you are disciplined so you can meet the deadlines.

For example and IT Technician would be mainly unsupervised and working alone as flexibility comes with the job. A technician must be Self – Disciplined, as they will need to be able to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and deliver solutions and stick to tasks until they finished. An employer should be looking for a technician who is Self – Disciplined, dependable, and reliable.


Due to technology always advancing, many Technicians, as well as others, involved in the IT sector will need to be able to continue with their work in order that they will resolve any issues and look for answers. It becomes much easier after they are passionate about technology and their work around them, which should make them eager to learn additional knowledge. They must be always attempting to advance their knowledge to enhance themselves to improve.

The majority of the time passionate employees are those who are noticed by their superiors. Managers and executives are delighted after they see a self-driven, inspired worker finishing assignments with enjoyment, even ahead of the deadline. When it comes time for promotions, management turns to those with a passion for the work and a desire for an additional challenge.


Overall technicians as well as others, who work in the IT sector, as well as everybody else, should be able to complete their jobs and tasks. On the other hand, their abilities should apply to their job in order so that they will get the most out of it. If their skills do not seem to be relevant, the employer will not see that person appropriate for the job. Therefore, skills and qualities should match the job requirements, otherwise, the employer will notice that the employee underachieves or does not find their work satisfying and pleasant.

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