Communication and Crisis paper Essay

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Communication and Crisis paper

When a certain crisis is going or a situation at the time then the emergency management office is going to be communicating with one another inside of the office and also outside of the organization as well. When dealing with and issue or matter however you look at it no matter what but also sometimes to it can be very difficult for the organization to meet up with one another at the time to get information about what is going on in the community or town during the time.

But when you are working with so many different organization at the time communication can be hard for all of them that why you to come up with an idea for the groups or organization when discussing a certain topic with information you have it must be a design timely matter for things to be cover and also each member must be available while working with one another and also be very cooperation to when it comes to the organizations so you won’t cause the public to have an panic attack about the matter that is going on in the community. That which could cause a lot more of problems down the line for the town as well your own self while a crisis is going on that is why the emergency management office have to be very carefully what they say on news and television and the radio broadcast station about a crisis so they don’t put people under more pressure while communicate about the crisis that is involved the community.

When a crisis is taking place at a certain time there are going to be many advantages and challenges with every organization as well to for the public no matter what. The one thing you have to do is make sure there are no challenges or advantages that might make the people in the community have a panic attack or a nervous breakdown while a crisis is going on that which harms them at the time. But when the emergency management office get certain information about a crisis at the time they must get expertise information from other resources that is adequate when dealing with a certain matter that is why they take precautions also to as well to. Because when a certain crisis is going on people can breakdown under pressure so this is why the organizations should be prepared for things like this also there should be more integrated communication plan in place while collaboration with one another at the very moment about a topic or crisis.

Differences in communication processes what one has learned from the scenario and how one might incorporate that knowledge to improve healthcare communication strategies?

I know there are so many different types of communications processes that you can used when dealing a certain situation or crisis at the time. But also you must have effective communication with one another while a crisis is going on and making sure you have a better understanding as well to. I think the best way to go with communication method is the effective way because every little thing will be on the television, news station and the radio station along with the social media to because when a certain crisis is going on at the time one must find a way to communicate about the situation or matter that is why now it is a lot more of technology available to communicate today around the world. When trying to send a message out to others that is why one must find out what communication strategy method work for them best when trying to improve healthcare communication skills with one another at that time in the field of medical.

Appropriate technology like social media and how technologies may be used to enhance communication when a crisis is going or even an certain situation at the moment there are certain things that should be used and appropriate to use or say in the social media while you are reach out to a lot of people around the world at the time like this. Because sometimes people can go online and add more things about the crisis or situation that might not even be true at all that is why the organization must be very carefully when sending out a message to the public about a certain topic or matter also the social media must have information to back up a crisis that is happened while they are communicate about topic with information that is mostly reliable and telling the truth as well also before it even get out to the public.

Because you don’t want to send out the wrong message to the public because that will be worldwide no matter what also the technology should enhance their communication skills during and time like this in the social media but in the healthcare field they should try to come up with a lot more of communication theory that is going to be very effective in a crisis by having more advancement in technology.

How technology may be used differently now then it was during the crisis is in certain crisis at the moment that is going on one must use the appropriate communication skills strategy that fit them very best to their ability with the most accurate information in an crisis form of communication that is being broadcast all over the different types of networks at the very important moment. This is why one must have a certain type of communication method while working with technology today in the social media spotlight that is going to be on the local television stations and radio station as well also to for the emergency management technologies while they are reaching out to the population around the world about a main disaster crisis at the time with updated information in a more timely manner.

Media opportunities during a crisis

The media have so many different opportunities when it comes to an crisis that is taking place at the time with television airtime and news station and radio station as well also to with the newspaper no matter what. Because this is a lot more of good media time for them with many more opportunities as well when they look at it for the time being that which will put them on top in the big spotlight by promote their self and business to because they know many people are going to watch the news for information about a certain crisis or issue that is being broadcast as well that is going be good for publicity

In an crisis that is going on at the moment it is an essential to have good communication skill for the people inside of the community at the time by let them know what it is going and also by not causing any problems or panic attacks by trying your best to describe what is being done as possible to prevent this matter. By having good communication skills strategy when it all comes down to communicating with each other in all of these types of organization in the field so everyone can get the information in a timely manner and order as well to.

But however you look at it there are going to be some challenges and advantages while things is being address to the public about certain situation when talking to the community and town of people. And also when one is discussing an crisis at the time they must make sure it is appropriate to the technology as well also to with the social media that they are going to using in the spotlight and also this is a very good opportunity to the media as well to while a crisis is going on that is a competitions.


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