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Communication is an important part of human interactions; in fact, its peculiarity in humans contributes largely to our differences from animals and other primates. It is the soul of human existence, the pillar of progress and brain field of every civilization. Successful relationships are initiated and sustained at the altar of effective communication skills. The crux of every culture is communication It has various forms; this is what has further equipped us with the ability of explore nature to discover treasures and develop our ever-changing world. These forms include verbal communication, communication by signals, symbols, and styles.

Of these forms, oral communication is commonest and crucial; it informs the use of languages and symbols. There are three purposes of oral communication message: to inform, to persuade and to entertain. Information is power; it is the impetus that has drawn progresses in the world and it has contributed also to the evils of wars and leadership mishaps. Oral communication message is useful to bring a data or information to bear for others to become aware of it. It increases awareness and knowledge base. The second purpose is to persuade: this is also important in every human interaction.

Motivation is a key weapon in business which great entrepreneurs posses and transfer to their workers/employees. It is a driving force that can best be put into use by spoken words. A vivid understanding of the human nature and life proves that persuasion is crucial to our survival, and more importantly for every business enterprise. The last purpose is simply to entertain. The three are synchronous, as an oral communication message can inform, positive, negative or neutral. It can also be persuasive. While the latter may be serious, oral messages can be used for relaxation.

Scenario: an entrepreneur discovers the possibility the enlarging the coast of the business by solving an identified business problem. He informs his research managers and market analysts to undertake a survey of the market status to confirm the possibility. Report is produced and other employees are informed of the new development. The Chief executive officer calls a meeting and informs management and staff. He motivates them to the new challenge and how every one is important to achieve the expansion. Even while he presents the report and motivates the workers, he also cracks jokes, a form of entertainment.

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