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Co-inventor of the Morse code used on telegraph and great contributor to the invention of wired telegraph, Samuel Morse was a great portrait painter in United States in the 1800s. While he was far from his wife doing his job, Morse received a letter from his father saying that his wife was convalescent. He left his job to join his wife, and by the time he arrived, she had already died. Heartbroken, Samuel Morse left his carrier in painting to pursue research in telegraphy and long distance communication.

From the invention of telegraph to the popularization of mobile phones and computer networks, technology has created nowadays more ways of communication to enable people to communicate easier and faster. The most important effect of technology on our communication is the speed of the transmission. Nowadays, people can send mail using the Internet. This worldwide network of computers and other devices, such as mobile phones, is one of the best gifts that technologists and scientists have offered to the world.

For example, while it would take about two days to get a letter sent from another country, electronic mail sent through the Internet would take less than one second for the same distance. Furthermore, many years before the invention of the Internet, the telegraph was used to send short messages encoded in Morse code. A few years later, the telephone has been developed to allow people separated by large distances to talk to each other. People do not need any more to travel from a continent to another one to talk with other persons.

Technology has really erased the “factor distance” with the development of new ways to communicate faster over large distances. Technology has also allowed people to communicate easily. Today, the use of electronic mail helps workers and students to keep track of their mail. For instance, even though a business manager can get about a hundred of electronic messages per week, he knows which one he has read and answered. He can also send a message to many people instantly. In addition, it is easier to get news and information. For example, people can go to a web site on the Internet to get news.

Further, the Internet companies such as Google and Microsoft help people to find the right information with their search engines. As a result, most young people do not read newspapers anymore, they prefer get their news on the Internet, so they can choose to get more accurate information about one event. To sum up, technology has created more ways to communicate faster and easier nowadays. Because of the rapid transmission of messages through these new technologies and their comfort, they have become almost unavoidable in our communication.

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