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Communicating With and About People with Disabilities Essay

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1. The network etiquette consists of some rules, which are important to adhere to, when you are in the cyberspace. There are several rules, which I comply with, when I am communicating in chats, discussing something in forums or exchanging letters. The first rule is that the relation with the interlocutor in the virtual world has to be like the one in the real world. The second rule is not to abuse your power. In my opinion, these rules are particularly important, because they encourage Internet users to be polite in the virtual space.

The first rule is very important due to the fact that it always reminds you that in cyberspace you have to behave yourself as if you were speaking to a man or woman face to face. In my opinion, compliance with this rule helps you to observe other rules of network etiquette. The second rule reminds the Internet users to keep their advantages to themselves and not to use these advantages in their own interests.

In wider context, this rule corresponds to the principle of tolerance, which is the cornerstone of the democratic society. Finally, in my point of view, observance of these two rules of etiquette helps you to behave politely in the cyberspace.

2. There are some suggestions of communicating with persons with disabilities, which I have never used before. These are some tips for communicating with individuals who are blind or visually impaired and suggestions that offer assistance, if the individual has difficulty opening a door (1, 2007).

If I were therapist, I would always use these suggestions, in order to speak to people with disabilities. For example, when I am speaking with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, my voice is very loud and clear. Sometimes I write what I want to say, so that the patient clearly understands me. If I had a patient with sign language interpreter, it would be very important to speak directly to the person and to look at the patient eyes, but not at the interpreter. In conclusion, observance of suggestions for communication with persons with disabilities allows me to approach their problems more closely. I would find common language with patients very quickly, and we  would understand each other better.

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