Common core skills Essay

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Common core skills

The key areas in current legislation which relate to the safeguarding of children (1.1) .2.Evaluate the effectiveness of a range of activities that can be used to encourage children to protect themselves (1.2) 3.Explain at least 3 different types of transitions that children can experience over the age range birth to 16 years. Analyse the impact of the transition on children at a particular stage of development. (2.1 and 2.2) . Analyse the importance of play in supporting a child’s development.5.

For this task you need to identify 3 play activities for children of different ages. We want you to evaluate their effectiveness, identify the materials you need, why you have chosen the materials selected and any health and safety implications. (3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4) 7.

Why is it important that you consider the health and safety implications for both the play activity and the materials used? 9.When communicating with children you need to ensure that your communication is suitable for their stage of development. How can you do this? Please give examples in your answer. (4.2) .10.During your training you explored different communication methods.

Select some of these methods and evaluate their effectiveness. (4.3) .11.Explain the main functions of a multi agency team. (5.1) .12.What are the benefits of a multi agency team? 13.Why do you, as a nanny, need to be aware of multi agency working and team working? (5.3) .14.As a nanny you may need to be working with a range of other professionals. How would working in this way ensure the needs of the child are met? (5.4) 15.Using the table below analyse which professionals you would need to be involved with and their role.

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