Commercialization of sports Essay

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Commercialization of sports

Commercialization is an engine driving the sport industry. Over the years, the concept of sports has been gradually transformed from “playing for the love of the game” to “playing for the maximum profitability. ” Nearly every decision related to professional sports has been influenced by economic factors. It is fair to say that commercialism in sports became so prevalent that younger generations are able to look past frequent commercial breaks, promotional materials throughout the stadiums, and athletes endorsing products with every possible opportunity.

Consequently, the future of sports will be likely dominated by media, powerful sponsors, and individual owners of professional teams. They have a financially secured life which was not the case a few decades ago. Commercialization in sports brings a welcome change in the lives of sportspersons but sports sociologist also contend that it brings negative aspect in sports such as sledging, unfair play, throwing a match away etc. All these are done to succeed by all means because of financial aspect associated with winning or losing a match being in the form of financial contract, endorsement and advertisements.

Although Sports Sociologists such as Butler, 2000 and Karen & Washington, 2001 thrown some light on negative aspects associated with commercialization in sports, no survey study has been conducted so far in which players perspective on this sensitive topic in sports arena have been analyzed. Hence, in order to investigate the sportspersons perspective about what they feel on the issue of situational ETHICS CREEPING IN SPORTS DUE TO COMMERCIALIZATION, THE PRESENT STUDY WAS PLANNED.

IT WAS hypothesized that views of sportspersons that situational ethics in sports is due to commercialization in sports will be equally distributed. It was hypothesized that views of sportspersons that situational ethics in sports is due to commercialization in sports will be equally distributed. According to Coakley (2007), commercial sports grow and prospect under several social and economic conditions. This growth is dependent on the expectation of financial or material rewards for succeeding in sports.

To assure continuous income from sports, commercialism must be present in large urban areas with high concentration of potential spectators. Urban areas are ideal for building new stadiums, starting new teams, and introducing new sports to multimillion populations. Furthermore, the spectators should represent middle to high income demographic group that is willing to donate time and financial resources to their favorite sports. Besides spending money on tickets and televised events, spectators are expected to invest in merchandise endorsed by star athletes and professional sport teams.

Since low income populations are not able to spend significant amount of money on sports, marketers intend to target those who can afford investing in tickets, clothing, and other sport related expenses. In addition to making purchases as spectators, the marketers create an environment that encourages audience to participate in sports. The response obtained on the sensitive issue such as situational ethics in commercial ethics was not at all surprising because sports have become a market in the 21st century and it is natural that situational ethics have crept into this commercialized sports scenario because in the market achieving a set target is the primary motto where fair play takes a back seat.

Hence, in order to secure financial benefits players sometimes indulge in unethical acts such as sledging, throwing a match away to harm the chances of other team or individual player in a tournament. It was concluded that commercialization in sports is the major cause associated with situational ethics of modern day athletes.

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