Commercial & Industrial Push Button Switches

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In commercial and industrial applications, push buttons can be connected through a mechanical linkage so that when one button is pushed, the other linked with it is released. This technique is used in easy manual operations where the machines have no electrical circuits for management. are usually color coded to link them with their function to inform the operator and prevent pushing of the wrong buttons. The most commonly used push buttons for stopping and starting a process are red and green in color respectively.

These push buttons are durable and user friendly and available in switches, push buttons & pilot devices, 22mm push buttons, 30 mm push buttons and pilot lights that are simple to assemble and mount to attachments and panels. Push buttons are available in metallic and non metallic bodies. It is advised to self clean these for increased reliability. Also these devices are available in large configuration, accessories and colors to choose from. For example emergency stop buttons are made compulsory in many jurisdictions for better safety.

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As a help for many users and operators in commercial and industrial applications, a pilot light is also added to attract the attention of the operators and give feedback if the button is pressed. These lights are generally included in the center of these buttons and a lens replaces the center hard disk of the pushbutton. The source through which light is illuminated is directly linked to the action of pushbutton controls. In this process the start button when pressed will initiate the machine to be started and the secondary contact created will shut down and light up the pilot light signifying that the pushing has caused the resultant action to start.

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Commercial & Industrial Push Button Switches

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