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Essay on Commercial Bank

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Customer Satisfaction with E Banking in Bangladesh

As an indispensable part of BBA program, Department of Management studies, Jagannath University, all the students have to undergo project report program. Theoretical Knowledge is not enough for a business student. There is a gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Under this program the students are required to write report based on interview, discussion and study about concerning field and experiences during the course of work. I was assigned to “customer attitude toward E-banking in Bangladesh’’ to complete…...

Report on NMB Bank Limited

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management (FOM) commenced Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) program as a distinct approach of attaining both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. This university is the oldest university in Nepal and since its establishment it has been providing excellent education to the students. It provides a wide range of streams in the educational sector among which management education holds a major position. It introduced the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program in the year 2001/02 with an…...

National Bank

A research program is very important & essential for acquiring experience through learning and spreading the scope of Knowledge. I have done my research program in National Bank Limited, Foreign Exchange Branch. This research report is aimed at providing a comprehensive picture to the areas of Foreign Exchange operation of National Bank Limited. The report has been divided into twelve parts. These are- Introduction, Brief History of Banking Sector of Bangladesh, Corporate review of NBL, Foreign Exchange, Documents Used in…...

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Standard Chatered Bank (Scb)

Standard Chartered Bank is a British bank headquartered in London with operations in more than seventy countries. It operates a network of over 1,700 branches and outlets (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) and employs 73,000 people. Despite its British base, it has few customers in the United Kingdom and 90% of its profits come from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Because the bank's history is entwined with the development of the British Empire its operations lie predominantly in…...

External environment for banking industry

Standard Chartered is the world's leading emerging markets bank headquartered in London. Standard Chartered employs 30,000 people in over 500 locations in more than 50 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom and the Americas. It is one of the world's most international banks, with a management team comprising 70 nationalities. Standard Chartered has been committed to Hong Kong and China for nearly 150 years. Standard Chartered Bank opened its first branch…...

Capital City Bank Case Analysis

Capital City Bank (CCB) was a medium sized commercial bank owned by a small group of shareholders. Its total employee force numbered nearly 1,000 personnel. Because of the company's poor performance in recent years, the owners decided to sell their equity to a group of new investors who felt that CCB could be turned around with more aggressive management. The transfer of ownership of the bank was followed by basic changes in bank strategy as well as changes in many…...

Exim Bank, Commercial Bank and Ecgc Functions

The Bank's functions are segmented into several operating groups including:* Corporate Banking Group which handles a variety of financing programmes for Export Oriented Units (EOUs), Importers, and overseas investment by Indian companies. * Project Finance / Trade Finance Group handles the entire range of export credit services such as supplier's credit, pre-shipment credit, buyer's credit, finance for export of projects & consultancy services, guarantees, forfeiting etc. * Lines of Credit Group Lines of Credit (LOC) is a financing mechanism that…...

Separation of Commercial Banks and Investment Banks

One of the key concerns growing out of the debate on whether to separate or merge retail banking and wholesale/investment banking activities has been the stability of a nation’s banking system. The experience of the US banking system has suggested that merge of commercial and investment banks is a better approach to achieving stability. After the global financial crisis, the American economy went into recession. The policy priority of American government was then to intervene into its banking system so…...

Features of Retail Banking

Retail banking can be defined as the offering of banking and financial services to the individuals and small and medium sized firms (SMEs). Today the retail banks are not just ‘high street’ banks with the physical presence in the towns and the cities of the UK, in fact the advent of phone banking and internet banking has added various services and characteristics to the scope of retail banking. Moreover, there are ‘virtual’ banks which run on the internet and save…...

Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development

The Banking Sector has for centuries now formed one of the pillars of economic prosperity. Indeed history provides us with some starting information regarding how banks provided finance for imperialist ventures in newly acquired colonies. Over time banks have formed an important part in providing an avenue for both savings and investments. Land, Labor, capital and entrepreneurs are the basic economic resources available to business. However, to make the use of these resources, a business requires finance to purchase of…...

Maybank online banking system

Maybank is a trade name for Malayan Banking Berhad and is the largest bank and financial group in Malaysia with significant banking operations in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Maybank was founded by Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Teck Puat, who died in 2004. The bank also has large interests in Islamic banking through Maybank Islamic Berhad and insurance via its Etiqa subsidiary. Maybank is the largest bank in Malaysia with 401 domestic branches. Maybank operates consumer banking, business and corporate…...

Csr in Inidan Banking Sector

State regulatory bodies, NGOs, media, customers have significantly addressed social responsibility issues in banking sector. International organization such as World Bank also exerts pressures on banks to analyze social and environmental risk involved in projects to be financed. In addition the reputation and resultant profitability of an organization are greatly effected by their CSR activities. Researchers have found a positive correlation between CSR and financial performance of the organization. Around the globe, a good commitment is being shown by the…...

Credit appraisel literature review

This chapter is an elucidation of literature relating to the flow of credit from various organised and unorganised sources of housing and real estate finance. The aim of such a perusal is to have a bird's eye view of the concurrent and corresponding issues and problems related to the present study. The first part deals with the flow of credit from organised institutions to various sectors like manufacturing industry, private corporate sector and various other industrial concerns. Studies on the…...

China Bank Internationalisation Project

This approach to a project is very similar to what happens regularly in the financial services industry. A project has to be completed, a team is set up (usually with individuals of different skills with different backgrounds and from different countries) who then have to work together to complete the task. Managers then evaluate each team member in such a process on the basis of the quality of the final joint work produced. Background China’s banks are trying to internationalise…...

An Analysis of the Choice

This study analyzes the difference of the operation model of HSBC and ICBC are operating in the UK at present, and examines the advantages and disadvantages of both separated and mixed operation for ICBC (London). Furthermore, it proposes the realistic choice of operation model for ICBC (London) under the existing Chinese financial system and the market condition of UK. This paper argues that the separated operation model of ICBC and investment banks in the short term will not change. The…...

Introduction In medieval times the merchants of the Islamic world played the

1. Introduction In medieval times, the merchants of the Islamic world played the role of middlemen that very crucial for trade and business activities. The concept, instrument, and technique of Islamic banking along with the Islamic merchant has been present since a long time, however, it was in the 1980s that the full-fledged Islamic banking system came into existence. Previously all the mercantile activities were in the reference of "interest-free" regime. In the year 2050, the Muslim population is projected…...

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Objectives of the Study The Overall objective of the study is to investigate the impact of CRM practice on customer retention in branches of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and Cooperative Bank of Oromia (s.c.) in selected districts of South West Shoa Zone. The other specific objectives of the study are: To investigate and compare the role of Behavior of the Employee (BE), Trust (T), CRM technology (CRMT) and Quality of Service (QS)) in the successful implementation of customer relationship…...

Banking In Digital World

A bank branch for the digital age Indian banking system is not going to be the same as the traditional way in fact it has already begun to witness changes in carrying out its business. Today's banking business is all about innovation and next-generation banking is all about more innovation. Digital in banking is the most convenient way of banking right now as individuals (customers) can transact efficiently without interruption in most convenient manner. Using Big Data and Fintech analytics has…...

Risk Management Practice In Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

INTRODUCTION This chapter is the appraisal of writing on chance administration within the budgetary segment managing an account with uncommon reference to risk management. It talks almost risk management issues from assorted perceptions, with the point of view of giving a theoretical establishment to the ponder. It begins with a clarification on risk management, looked for after by appraisal of composing on the bases and sorts of risk administration exercises and in expansion the sorts of risk that the bank…...

Banking Products and Services

Issuance of cheque book After gap Associate in Nursing A/C with the bank, the A/C holder another time makes letter of invitation within the name the bank for the provision of a cheque book. The A/C holder mention the title of a/c number, sign it properly and mentions the no of leaves he needs Credit Department The bank is definitely revenue searching for business. It attracts surplus balance from the client at low rate of interest and makes advancements at…...

Credit Risk Management in Commercial Banks

However, the major cause of serious banking problems continues to be directly related to lax credit standards for borrowers and counterparts, poor portfolio risk management, r lack of a watchful eye to the changes In economic or other circumstances that can lead to deterioration in the credit standing of a bank's counterparts. This paper aims at highlighting the factors influencing credit risk management practices among commercial banks In Kenya. This Is an empirical review of studies carried out related to…...

Deposit Mobilization of Commercial Banks in the Context of Nepal

Introduction Background Capital formation is one of the important factors leads to increase in the size of national output income and employment, solving the problem of inflation and balance of payment and foreign debts. Domestic capital formation helps in making a country self sustainable. According to classical economist, one of the main factors which helped capital formation was the accumulation of capital. Profit made by the business community constituted the major part of savings the community and the saved has…...

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