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Commercial Bank Essay Examples

Separation of Commercial Banks and Investment Banks

...Moreover, the moral hazard issue may also be addressed by government regulations of the financial market such as by requirements that banks must retain sufficient capital on account to compensate for losses and liabilities. The examples above demonstrate that government interventions in the banking system may effectively solve these anticipated problems of bank merger. In short, compared to bank separation, bank merger provides a better approach to fostering a stable and healthy financial system...

Exim Bank, Commercial Bank and Ecgc Functions

...5.Selling or discounting export bills in international markets. 6.Discounting of export bills negotiated or purchased by a scheduled bank or financial institution notified by government, or granting loans and advances against such bills. 7.Providing refinance facilities to specified financial institutions against credits extended by them for specified exports or imports. 8.Granting loans and advances or issuing guarantees solely or jointly with a commercial bank for the import of goods and servi...

Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development


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