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Essay on Commercial Bank

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Customer Satisfaction with E Banking in Bangladesh

At present all types’ business organization performs primarily for customer satisfaction. E-banking is service oriented industry. The first choice of E-banking is to customer satisfaction. Customers are habituated with organization culture. Culture is built up in the practice of years. So customer attitude toward organization is born observing and experiencing an organization’s practice and pe...

Report on NMB Bank Limited

NMB bank comprises highly motivated staffs who are customer centered. Under the guidance of the supervisor and the staff members the internee was able to experience various activities that are conducted in customer service departments and clearing department. The intern got vital support by the effective working environment and highly cooperative and supportive staff members in learning and experi...

National Bank

NBL, which was started at Dilkusha Branch on March 23rd, 1983, was the first major commercial Bank. In Bangladesh operating throughout the country as well as the age of the bank is only 25 years .During this period it has established total 112 branches over the country and made smooth network inside the country as well as thought the world. The number of branches as well as territory wise is menti...

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Standard Chatered Bank (Scb)

Employees are evaluated by how well they accomplish a specific set of objectives that have been determined to be critical in the successful completion of their job. This approach is frequently referred to as. Management by objectives. Management by objectives is a process that converts organization objectives into individual objectives. It can be thought of as consisting of four steps: goal settin...

External environment for banking industry

Similarly, commercial banks' competitive strategies are shaped by both new technologies, and the limitations of technology. Retail banking had traditionally been built around the paper-based payments, but IT has created new strategic possibilities for it. Electronic delivery of banking services can reduce a bank's overhead costs to a great extent. However abandoning bank branches can also give ris...

Capital City Bank Case Analysis

It was not until later in the year that Vicente Torres discovered the odd situation with Oriental. He called the manager of the Branch Marketing Group and asked "How could you allow your traders to offer a higher rate than our lending rate to Oriental? We not only lose money but we also look very foolish to our clients!" The Branch Marketing Group Manager replied that neither she nor her traders k...

Exim Bank, Commercial Bank and Ecgc Functions

The advising bank may confirm the letter of credit after checking the terms and conditions for payment by adding its own guarantee to that of the issuer.4. Final PaymentAfter all of the terms and conditions for shipment and quality standards have been checked via the presentation of proper documentation, the...

Separation of Commercial Banks and Investment Banks

Although the merger of banks has its own disadvantages, these disadvantages are not the root causes of the 1930 financial crisis and can be remedied by stricter government regulations. Therefore, it is suggested that while universal banks should be duly regulated, they are more capable to withstand financial turmoil than small banks, thereby making the merge of banks a better government policy tha...

Features of Retail Banking

Northern Rock emerges into the scene with financial support from the Bank of England and declares the need as a last resort. The next day, depositors are rushing out to withdraw their deposits and around £1 billion are withdrawn which is the biggest run on a British bank for over more than a century and people continue to withdraw until the government intervenes to guarantee their savings. Hence,...

Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development


Maybank online banking system

Maybank online banking system has provided its full day access to bank accounts and advanced services. Currently, users can now check their finances status with a click of button. They can also view their bank statements, check the balances or manage some transaction by using the online banking system. Recently Maybank had taken a huge step by announcing its internet banking services for the custo...

Csr in Inidan Banking Sector

On the other side CSR reporting practices are far from satisfaction. There are hardly few banks which report their activities on triple bottom line principles. The lack of uniform standards for rating CSR practices leads to problem in comparison of corporate houses and difficulty in determining the CSR rating. In spite of the slow adaptation of CSR reporting practices in India, it is predicted to ...

Credit appraisel literature review

'The Political (NHT), the and Housing Finance performance state's main of in Jamaica' the National housing agency in distributing finance in the context of the struggle for basic needs such as shelter, state socio-economic interventions. By examining the NHT's funding base, expenditures and beneficiaries they outline the scale of the financial resource diversions that effectively restrict low-inc...

China Bank Internationalisation Project

RBS has also cut back its investment banking activities dramatically. You should consider why it has done this. Some articles from the FT that might be useful in this endeavour are included on Blackboard under “Course Documents”. However, it is important that you access other sources of information which may include private information that you have access to. You should give references where ...

An Analysis of the Choice

However, due to the effects of the practice of mixed operation model by the U. S. , ICBC is trialing the mixed operation model progressively in China since 2008 (ICBC Annual Report 2009). Unfortunately, ICBC (London) is still operating as separated operation model. 1. 3 Statement of Purpose In recent years, the pace of world economic development slowed down and interest rates of countries continue...

Introduction In medieval times the merchants of the Islamic world played the

1. Introduction In medieval times, the merchants of the Islamic world played the role of middlemen that very crucial for trade and business activities. The concept, instrument, and technique of Islamic banking along with the Islamic merchant has been present since a long time, however, it was in the 1980s that the full-fledged Islamic banking system came into existence. Previously all the mercanti...

Objectives of the StudyThe Overall objective of the study is to

1.3 Objectives of the StudyThe Overall objective of the study is to investigate the impact of CRM practice on customer retention in branches of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and Cooperative Bank of Oromia (s.c.) in selected districts of South West Shoa Zone. The other specific objectives of the study are:1. To investigate and compare the role of Behavior of the Employee (BE), Trust (T), CRM te...

Banking In Digital World

Taking about customer relationship management in banking humans have been always the face of banks for ensuring service and delivering on right time. Banks to ensure customer maintenance started investing in CRM but things have changed as it's moving towards digital. More than 50% of services by 2012 were taking away by alternatives channels. Now products of banks are no more the value generator f...

Risk Management Practice In Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

Risk management create from a stemly managing an account action, connected to an outstandingly solid course of action of measures and fabric within the show day budgetary environment. This underlines the way that carry on with presence of an institutions depends fantastically on its capabilities to anticipate and orchestrate for the change as confined to essentially sitting compact the modify and ...

Banking Products and Services

· Debit Card: With international acceptance at quite twenty million merchants and one.5 million ATMs worldwide; MCB Debit Cards may be a manner forward into the dynamical way forward for payments. MCB Debit Cards are accepted at twelve, 000+ ATMs and forty five, 000+ merchants nationwide, with promotional discount schemes designed to reward the user virtually each time for looking, dining, fuel a...

Credit Risk Management in Commercial Banks

This will enable the institutions to improve decision making with respect to risk management. The study further recommends that the top management should acknowledge risk as a reality and have commitment to identify and manage risk within the mechanisms setup to mitigate it. The study recommends that banks should choose structures that commensurate with institution's size, complexity and diversifi...

Deposit Mobilization of Commercial Banks in the Context of Nepal

Mainly this study covers the deposit and credit position of commercial banks, so it helps to reveal the financial position of banks and study occupies an important role in the series of the studies on commercial banks. The significances of the study are: • Important to know how well the bank is utilizing its deposits. • Important to policy formulator and also be useful for academic professiona...

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