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Democratic National Convention Essay

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Standing in front of thousands of audience who are motivated to involve into the election, the former President Bill Clinton delivered his speech to support Democratic nominee Barack Obama as the American President. He successfully conveyed his support to the listeners with his organized statements, and persuaded people to vote for Obama by explicating his understanding of election and the quality Obama possesses to lead the country.

The speech positively offers Obama a strong helping hand on his final lap of running for the president.

Behind Bill’s speech is a peculiar way in which he convinced the audience Obama is the right choice for president. Through the whole speech, Bill’s tone flew soft and slow, speaking like a gentle old man telling beautiful stories to his lovely grand children; he showed his great sense of humor via saying “the campaign generates so much heat, it increases global warming. ”, creating a pleasant atmosphere among the enormous crowd; he thrilled the Obama’s fellows by making praised comments on Obama’s contributions and his running for election, that is, to tell people that he come here first to support Obama, and then develop it into his detailed reasons.

Apparently he thought Obama’s policy will benefit American families and restore American leadership in the world. At the same time, he attacked McCain’s extreme political philosophy and asserted that it would let Americans endure even more financial burdens. During the process, Bill credited Hillary’s great effort she made on her road for American president, though at last she did not win. This laid the foundation for Bill to express a strong, supportive voice from Clinton family, adding that he and Hillary will be on the side of Obama with certainty. The solid clarification sparked cheers and applause from the audience.

Since Bill has been a great president in the American history, he earned reputation around the world. People admired him as a guide to prosperity and a man with wisdom. Inarguably, a fair portion of people regard his notions and remarks on campaign as reasonable and convincing. Besides, as Hillary also boasts her own reputation in American political field, voices from Clinton family do mean something. Specifically, Bill based his support on the concept of strengthening America both domestically and internationally.

He exclaimed that during the 8-year regulation of Republic, various issues rise and the country falls in great trouble for failing to promote American dream and for the loss of leadership in the world. Considerable, he defined the next president as “a man with two most important jobs”, that is, “to rebuild the American dream and to restore American leadership in the world. ” Let’s refer to the history and make abroad comments on Bill’s contribution as president and then we may figure out why he concerned about these two jobs so much. As the forty-second president, he channeled his energy into establishing and rebuilding after the Cold War, attempting to improve people’s living standard and American financial conditions.

He signed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), making endeavors to solve labor problems not only in America but also other countries(1). Facing the challenge of international relationships, his eyes focused on how to eliminate multiple misunderstandings deterring the wheel of goodwill from being in motion. It may suffice to mention Tibet-China’s discussion on human rights, a formal meeting with Chairman Jiang. During the meeting Bill advised a deeper communication with Dalai Lama, trying to help solve China’s long-term human rights conflict, which unfortunately did not end successfully(2).

However, this case fully illustrates Bill as a leader insisting the idea of peace and cooperation. And when he is looking for a person who puts development and cooperation first, he find Obama. When talking about America international policy in the past 8 years, Bill described it as “our position in the world has been weakened by too much unilateralism and too little cooperation. ” He conveyed the situations most Americans know and complain about: a perilous dependence on imported oil, a refusal to lead on global warming, a severely burdened military and so forth.

All these failed policies, according to Bill, are contrary to the road of hope and happiness which Americans yield for. So here is the thing: why does Bill believe Obama is the one for president? The short answer is he can make America a better country. The long answer is, as Bill explained:”He has a remarkable ability to inspire people, to raise our hopes and rally us to high purpose…He has shown a clear grasp of foreign policy and national security challenges and a firm commitment to rebuild our badly strained military. ”

Therefore Obama stands in front of the public as a leader of change, as a politician looking for development based on people’s life expectations rather than individual interest. He was described as a man fighting all the way to achieve his success, and it inspired people who are willing to get rid of life troubles through hard work. In terms of national policies and security, Bill convinced the audience that Obama would increase job opportunity and cut taxes for hard-working people and Mid-class families. And Obama would never allow terrorists to obscure their opportunities to make tragic damages like “911”.

All these positive and powerful statements help Obama gain reputations from the public and to some extent eliminate suspicion remained among US citizens. As a rhetoric expert, Bill intelligently utilizes tropes to funnel his ideas into audiences’ heads. He received a great respondent when he said:” People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power. ”

The sentence is concise and strong, explicitly indicating that to be on the top of the world’s power, America should serve as a leader to create global prosperity, not just illustrating in front of other nations how strong America is. It creates a pattern of “example” and “power”, and the comparison in the sentence makes it even easier to remember, thus reinforcing the theme of supporting Obama’s policies. In the speech, Bill also specified his speech perfectly by his vivid expression and body movements, making the whole speech memorable. In his speech, Bill said:” What about the military families pushed to the breaking point by multiple, multiple deployments? What about the assault on science and the defense of torture?

What about the war on unions and the unlimited favors for the well-connected? What about Katrina and cronyism? ” Through series of questions, Bill reminds the failed policies the Republicans have set and judged them as big mistakes. In turn, it successfully generated against emotions, raising voices calling for change and Obama as the leader to change. After roughly 20 minutes, the speech ended. Overall, Bill Clinton’s speech to support Obama conveyed Bill’s ideas about the current challenges America is facing and the reasons to support Obama as the president.

The speech speaks highly of Obama’s ability and his policies intending to better develop this country and also points out the wrong direction in which Republicans keep going for eight years. The purpose of his delivering the speech is clear— to support Obama and convince people to join him. And to some degree Bill succeeded to do so in this speech. (1):Bill Clinton—Wikipedia, the Free encyclopedia Wikipedia 14 September 2008, at 05:50 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bill_Clinton (2):On the issue: Bill Clinton’s foreign policy Ontheissues. org 11 September 2008 http://www. ontheissues. org/Celeb/Bill_Clinton_Foreign_Policy. htm

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