Commentary on the eco friendly shoes Essay

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Commentary on the eco friendly shoes

Blackspot Sneaker and Nike considered.

The best way to have the biggest share of the market is not really by advertisements or sweet talks; it can only be done by the use of economic friendly products. The product that every Tom, Dick and Harry would be able to afford without going for a loan.

Commenting on the economic friendly shoes of Blackspot and Nike, apart from producing a user friendly shoes, they also put other factors into consideration and it is in view of this that made them dominate the shoe industry.

Why will a buyer purchase a pair of shoe for the same price he/she can purchase 3 pairs? Since those two companies put the end users into thought by producing shoes that would be durable, cheap and firm, they have been able to control the target market and every advertisement rolled out to the audience is accepted as a contract or agreement to purchase a pair or more of the advertised shoes and this has really increased their sales not for a particular manufactured shoes but all shoes on which Kalle Lasn or Nike is written on.

        In an excerpts from Blackspot website,  Kalle Lasn, CEO, Blackspot, said “all shoes manufactured by Blackspot are earth friendly, anti sweatshop, cruelty free and prograssroots  and he ended it by saying that Blackspots are the only rough and ready shoes that has the ability to beat NIKE”.

When a shoe company comes out with a good product, and at the same time a relatively cheap product, it is very certain that the demand will be higher than the supply because everybody will like to be seen with the product on his feet. As this increases, the shoe company will continue to make name and refrain other competitors from coming to the market scene.

        Conclusively, it could be seen that the society has really impacted in the advertisement and sales of eco friendly shoe producers because without the society there would be no turnover.

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