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Commemorative Speech Critique

Paper type: Speech
Pages: 2 (493 words)
Categories: Education, Freedom Of Speech, Future, Language, Time
Downloads: 4
Views: 10

I believe my speech went well because I followed the directions and the outline step by step. The previous presentation was really bad because I was nervous and fearful, however, in my current presentation, I predict I did well because my volume was loud enough, and my topic are clear to understand. I believe this presentation was really great and I have never done a presentation like that because when I stand in front of my classmates, I usually become nervous and forget everything that I memorized.

For this presentation, I wasn’t feeling nervous and I stood in front of the classmates calmly like a normal person. I am the type of person who forgets everything because of fear but this presentation was different. I was a little nervous but not too much and I believe every student felt some fear/nervousness because he/she wasn’t used to standing in front of the class. I believe my speech went really well then.

I thought I will be like the same as the way I did in the previous presentation. However, I wasn’t looking at the notecard all the time and I believe I had good eye contact.

What I wish would have been better is not reading off the notecard all the time, just memorize it and not be fearful. I hope I can stand alone and speak in front of audiences with no fear. I believe using good body language is going is to make my speech interesting, but I did not have that. I wish I had a better volume that everyone can hear, and everyone can understand, but my words weren’t clear to understand. If English is my second language, I can’t speak flawless English that native speakers do, but I hope I can get to that level in the future.

What I am planning to do in the future is to pronounce my words clearly so that the audience can understand what I am saying, and I can stand bravely in front of the classmates without being nervous and I hope it works. I want to become a better person in the future who can speak perfect English. In order to get there, I have to communicate with different people so I can improve my English. Sometimes it’s not only knowing English better. If you are a smart person but you have some fear in your heart, you would not speak perfect English because of the fear you have such as shaking and forgetting everything. So, all I wish next time is to become a better person in the future who has no fear. I want to be someone who can tell funny things in front of many audience like Trevor Noah.

Overall, I believe my speech went well. I hope next time I will do better. I think everyone is not perfect, but if you try hard one day you will succeed, and you see yourself standing on the top.

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