Coming and Going: Round Trip to America by Mark Wyman Essay

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Coming and Going: Round Trip to America by Mark Wyman

In the article “Coming and Going: Round Trip to America,” by Mark Wyman, his goal and his main arguments for the article were to explain how immigration, emigration, and migration has destroyed old peasant villages. He is also trying to argue that the modern world has struggles hard to maintain the comforting thought of a peasant culture that is rooted to the soil.

The author achieved his goal in this article because he gave lots of examples of how immigration, migration and emigration and how they changed a lot of the villages and they towns in which they were migrating, emigrating, or immigrating to would overflow because there are so many. For example, in the article it states that “… people were emigrating from the village of Miejsce, and so there was nothing startling in the total 121 persons going to America in the ten years since the first traveler set out across the Atlantic. ” (pg. 9 paragraph

1) Another good example of how those who immigrated, migrated, and emigrated changed villages would be, “European peasant villages that once seemed impenetrable in their backwardness, their isolation, now boasted residents who could describe the wonders of the New World-skyscrapers, elevated trains, and deep tunnels. (pg. 80 paragraph 4) In this article the authors goal was to tell his view of how migrants, immigrants, and emigrants changed the old villages and bombarded it or the left the old village and went to a new one.

In this article the author used many sources in order to get correct information. He also used many techniques to find how to get information. Some sources that he used in the article was from people in those actual villages and also people who do research on the people who migrated and immigrated from other countries. For example, “Oscar Handlin wrote of “the enormous stability in peasant society.  From the western most reaches of Europe, in Ireland, to Russia in the east, the peasant masses had maintained an imperturbable sameness. “

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