Comfort or Confusion Essay

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Comfort or Confusion

In a society with many gods, a roman citizen might feel confused as there are too many gods to pray, please and respect (polytheistic), e.g. Jupiter the king of Gods. (Who’s responsibility is being God of sky and thunder) Roman citizens would have been powerless against the Gods as if they dishonoured a God, they would be punished, so they continuously prayed to the Gods and never betrayed them or they would have to face the consequences. Also, the Gods did not always act as good role models, the actions of the Gods probably influenced Roman citizens. However, a roman citizen might feel comfort because the Gods were easier to understand through the many representations in art, they provided an explanation of natural occurrences and there was also the opportunity for festivals. (Sacrifices/offerings)

Venus, the goddess of love could have been seen as comfort and confusion, Romans would pray to Venus and thank her for helping them find love, however, if there as adultery in the relationship, they would have blamed her for destroying their happiness.

Poseidon, God of the sea, would have been seen as comfort and confusion for fishermen as when ever they caught fish, or when the seas were calm, they would have thanked Poseidon, also, it was most likely that a temple near/next to the sea was dedicated to Poseidon by the fishermen. If it was difficult to catch fish on the sea, the fishermen would have blamed Poseidon for ruining their catch.

Overall, Roman citizens would have felt comforted and confused in a society with many gods as the Gods could have been seen as security but also could have been seen as mysterious and wary because the Gods might turn against them (The Roman citizens) out of no where. For example, during or beginning of a war, roman soldiers/rulers would pray to Mars, the God of war, to defeat their enemies but towards the very end, they lose.

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