Come Back to the Bush Analysis Essay

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Come Back to the Bush Analysis

The poem “come back to the bush” is an Australian poem written by Thomas a spencer. The poem describes Australia and the Australian outback and how incomparable it is to the city life of London. The poem explores why the outback is unique and great and creates an image in the readers mind representing the Australian outback.

The man in the poem has left his home in the outback to go live the high life in London. The verse “so I brought my folks to London, and we’ve settled down in style”, gives the expression the man is ecstatic and overjoyed living in London.

Although the poem explores this particular emotion of the persona, the composer is yet to reveal the personas ‘rough Australian outback man’. This side of him has not left him and voice haunts him to come back home “to the bush and the wallaby track, to the home in the clearing, the sheep and the sheering”. For those who have not experienced the Australian outback the poet may be perplexing (confusing). The outback is very harsh and barren; the Australian men who have lived in the outback are made for the desolate terrain. The outback is one like no other and has a special connection to many who reside there. This connection has been made with the man.

In the poem the voice represented is that of the man who talks about his life in London and how he is living a wonderful life in London. The man later talks about the Australian outback calling him back home. This crushes him and he is baffled with what to do next.

The poem addresses the man and talks about how the man is reminded of his home country and where he belongs. The poem addresses men who have left the outback for the city life. The poem calls to men and women who are being haunted on making the life changing decision on whether to leave or stay in the outback. The man has made his decisions but his now reconsidering what to do.

The poem shows the distress the man is in and how unaware he is on what to do. The situations the words are spoken in are helplessness, regret and confusion. The persona is regretful of the move and is helpless on making the decision on what to do next.

The main argument in the poem is should the man go back home to the outback and why the man had left and weather it was the right decision to make. The reader of the poem is given the perspective that the man is regretting his decision and the question is asked to the audience, is it alright to leave your home and who you are for money and a high life? The reader is quiet involved in the poem which is a very effective strategy used my Thomas spencer.

In the poem the reader is invited to see the effect of leaving your identity behind. We as the readers see the regret in the man and his helplessness towards the decision he had made and how that decision had impacted his life. The poem is very meaning full and is interesting. It relates to many readers and is a great poem with the theme belonging embedded in the poem.

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