Color and Encyclopedia Britannica Essay

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Color and Encyclopedia Britannica

1. Hibiscus – common name and genus of about 200 to 300 species of herbs, shrubs, and trees within the mallow family (Malvaceae). Many are cultivated for their attractive flowers. The genus is widely distributed in tropical and temperate regions. The leaves are palmately veined, lobed, or parted. The flowers are usually bell-shaped and with five petals, frequently very large, and are commonly white, pink, red, or yellow.

2. Dyes –are natural substances and highly colored chemicals synthesized from coal, tar or petroleum products and used to color textiles and such other products as plastics, paper, leather, fur, oil, rubber, soap, food, cosmetics, inks, and metal surfaces.

3. Dyestuffs –intensely colored substances used for imparting color to other materials. Dyestuffs are soluble in the medium in which they are applied, whereas pigments are insoluble.

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