College Essay Topics

Preferential Hiring in the North

Inuit in the north, specifically in Nunavut, have an agreement with the government that they receive special benefits to help with day-to-day problems because of what happened to their people in the past. It is common knowledge that when explorers and traders first went to the north, they mistreated the aboriginals up there. They introduce… View Article

Reasons for Attending College or University

Many people attend colleges and universities all over the world to study and conduct research. What are their expectations of the academic experience? In my opinion, people involved in collegiate programs have two main purposes: to gain the experiences and certificates that prepare them for future careers and to increase their knowledge about different aspects… View Article

Community College vs. Universities

Which is better, a community college or university? Both are a great experience. But In my opinion you would benefit more affectively from a community college. There are multiple reasons why a community is better, such as a cheaper cost. In this economy cheaper sounds much nicer than an expensive university. Also a smaller class,… View Article

University and Scholar Ship Funding

Should college athletes be paid? Thesis: Amateur athletes at the major college, should not be paid for college sports; instead college athletes should be thankful they are receiving full four year scholar ship funding, that is treated like a pro contract where it can be terminated if one was injured or a recruiting mistake. I…. View Article

University-industry research relationships

The growth of university-industry research relationships in biotechnology has raised questions concerning their effects, both positive and negative, on universities. A survey of over 1200 faculty members at 40 major universities in the United States reveals that biotechnology researchers with industrial support publish at higher rates, patent more frequently, participate in more administrative and professional… View Article

School Curriculum

The curriculum in today’s schools has survived relatively unchanged for many years. It was created in a completely different world, one where computers were not used and jobs for the uneducated were easy to find. The world has changed significantly since then, but should the education system? School is strongly believed to be a place… View Article

Arellano University

The Jose Abad Santos Campus was formerly called Jose Abad Santos High School. The first Arellano University branch established in Pasay City, it was founded in 1945. Dr. Fidel Colmenar was its first director. Next came Mr. Leonardo Tensuan, who served for 23 years, and under whose leadership as director, JASHS reached the height of… View Article

Subsidies to university

Government subsidies are vital sources for university education. There is a popular cognition all over the world that the more the states government pay for their higher education the better academic level the universities will be. Although, the cost of university education has increased in last decades (CollegeBoard Advocacy & Policy Center 2010). The benefits… View Article

Pressures students face

Imagine sitting in a classroom full of college students. They are from all walks of life. What could possibly be going on in the heads of those students? For instance could it be about the girl or boy that they have a crush on? Maybe they are wondering what they will do after school today?… View Article

College Essay

Topic: In the space provided, please write a concise narrative in which you describe a meaningful event, experience or accomplishment in your life and how it will affect your college experience or your contribution to the UF campus community. You may want to reflect on your family, your school or community activities, or your involvement… View Article

School Counselor

Every student needs help in some way whether entering high school, needing information, choosing a career, or talk about personal problems. As a high schoolor, students realize what roles counselors play in school careers and futures. School counselors are there every step of the way. A school counselor plays multiple roles in a students’ life…. View Article

Schools as Organisations

|You are putting together a booklet for your governors to explain to them the overall system of education in this country, so that they better understand how their local school fits into the | |bigger picture. | | | |Your governors will rely on you for accurate knowledge to enable them to understand the education… View Article

Schools as Organisations

Schools have policies and procedures so that the governors, staff, parents and others who are involved with the running of the school, are able to work from a set of guidelines which are followed by all, which gives clear comprehensive consistency. There are a lot of different policies relating to all different aspects of procedures… View Article

Admission Essay for Mba

The quest for knowledge is unlimited as are the human wants. Perception is the basic idea behind every accomplishment. The field of business administration in itself is a line with inquisitive and progressive future. The very immediate applicability of the subject and its consequent results on improvisation of society on whole is a rewarding experience… View Article

Public Education in the Philippines

Literacy rate in the Philippines has improved a lot over the last few years- from 72 percent in 1960 to 94 percent in 1990. This is attributed to the increase in both the number of schools built and the level of enrollment in these schools. The number of schools grew rapidly in all three levels… View Article

National Education

National education is a subject that aims to increase the national identity of students and citizens in Hong Kong. There are several steps to help fulfill this subject’s aims. As it is believed to have benefits to the students in studying as well as helping critical thinking. There are some, however, some people see the… View Article

Physical Education

Physical education trends have developed recently[when? ] to incorporate a greater variety of activities besides typical sports. Introducing students to activities like bowling, walking/hiking, or Frisbee at an early age can help students develop good activity habits that will carry over into adulthood. Some teachers have even begun to incorporate stress-reduction techniques such as yoga,… View Article

Higher Education

All education,primary,secondary and further education ,should be free to all people and paid for by the government. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? ?? ?? The education system varies from country to country. I tend to believe that the government should pay for the elementary education. In another word, the primary and secondary… View Article

Education in India

Takshasila was the earliest recorded centre of higher learning in India from at least 5th century BCE and it is debatable whether it could be regarded a university or not. The Nalanda University was the oldest university-system of education in the world in the modern sense of university. [2] Western education became ingrained into Indian… View Article

Trinidad Education

In Trinidad, The Ministry of Education has the policy of free education for all. They preach that this ‘free’ education is not based on class, wealth, race, gender or ethnicity but rather is a way to ensure that the entire nation is educated. Though these are the promises on Trinidad’s and Tobago’s Education Policy Paper,… View Article

Education in Kazakhstan

1.Before going to school, children attend kindergartens until they are six or seven. 2.Compulsory education begins in our country at the age of seven, when children go to primary school. 3.The secondary stage begins from the 5th form when children start studying a lot of new subjects, such as Literature, History, Natural Sci¬ences and others…. View Article

Education in Kazakhstan

1.Before going to school, children attend kindergartens until they are six or seven. 2.Compulsory education begins in our country at the age of seven, when children go to primary school. 3.The secondary stage begins from the 5th form when children start studying a lot of new subjects, such as Literature, History, Natural Sci¬ences and others…. View Article

Education in Nigeria

Education in Nigeria is overseen by the Ministry of Education. And the local authorities take responsibility for implementing policy for state-controlled public education and state schools at a regional level. The education system is divided into Kindergarten, primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. Primary education Primary education, Yoruba, and Igbo. Private schools would also… View Article

Enrollment System

1.1 Background of the Problem The Enrollment System is a system by which the students transact business with the school, by knowing what section they belong through evaluating their grades by the teachers. In every year, it is expected that enrollees are increasing and the schedule of the enrollment system of the school is easier… View Article

Example Lay Out of School Paper

It has been 5 years since the School of Education (SOE) tasted the sweetness of pride wearing the crown of Miss WVSU-LC. And now Miss Rita Marie Penado got it again for the SOE last September 21, 2012 when she outshined the three other competitors from the three departments/school. Miss Penado, a first timer for… View Article

Tardiness: High School and Tardy Student

The researchers would like to take this chance to express their gratitude to each one of the researchers’ family members for their support and considerate valued prayers that made the researchers realize this academic endeavor. The researchers also thank them for their patience during the fresh weeks of long hours that they have spent in… View Article

Report: High School and Attendance

Introduction Like other schools around the nation, Beech Grove Intermediate School is experiencing a serious problem with attendance. This has been cited as a problem and something that needs to be addressed so that Beech Grove Intermediate can achieve the attendance rate they need to become a Four-Star status school. Currently, the attendance at Beech… View Article

School Health Program

This programme was launched on 15th April 2010 by chief minister of Himachal Pradesh . The main objective of this programme was to conduct a general health check up of all students . In addition to general health check up dental ,eye and other ailments were also checked up . Another important aim was to… View Article

The First Day of High School

Right when I got out of the car, I had no clue where to go, I’m accustomed to walking through the middle school doors and going to unite with all my friends after a thrilling summer, but today was different. It was my first day of high school and I was about to go on… View Article