College Essay Topics

College Course Preference

Months from now, senior high school students will be graduating and will be entering a new chapter of their lives—college life. In line with this, the incoming college freshmen should have decided on what program they should take in college. Unfortunately, senior students nowadays are facing a dilemma on their college course preference. This quandary… View Article

Analysis of “The Overachievers”

College application season can be the most stressful period of time for any high school student. The combination of regret for not doing better in school, doubt in your own chances of admission, and the fear of rejection is enough to break even the most stable students. Author Alexandra Robbins, however, realized that the stress… View Article

College: Ready Or Not, Here It Comes!

Schools from all over the country are preparing for the upcoming graduations in their respective institutions whether it is elementary, secondary or college academies especially those in high school. As often said, high school is a training ground for the upcoming college adventure of teenagers – a sanctuary for students to assert themselves and prepare… View Article

Home School vs. Public School

I prefer home schooling over public schooling; which one do you prefer? There are both pros and cons for both Home Schooling and Public Schooling. I am going to explain this all to you in my essay. I personally was home schooled for a few years during middle and high school. All of elementary school… View Article

Socioeconomic Status and Education

A person’s education is closely linked to their life chances, income and wellbeing (Battle and Lewis 2002). In a world that is continuously changing, access to postsecondary education plays an important role into where and how we find a career and where we want to end up. I know that higher education has put me… View Article

College Expectation

I felt scared about moving to college, university or away from home for the first time. From a small community in the province to a city with a population of less than 2 million, everything changed. I came to college and had no idea what to expect. When I entered the school I have chosen,… View Article

MHCC is just for Me

When I graduated high school, I knew that if I wanted to get ahead in life I was going to have to get into college. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, made me worry about spending money on a traditional four year university. I realized that there were several… View Article

Community Assessment

The name of my community is Buchanan County, Va. The total size of the area is approximately 504 square meters. (“County Date,” “n.d.”) The county was named after James Buchanan the 15th President of the United States. The approximate number of families in the community according to the U.S. Census is 6,866. (“Population,” 2010,) Buchanan… View Article

Consumers’ Perception of Quality

This study primarily investigates the underlying factors that help to form consumer perception of quality toward private universities in Bangladesh. Five beliefs have been identified as salient to perceive the quality of private universities of Bangladesh. These are quality faculty members, university environment, campus facility, quality education and university image/reputation. Multi-item measures were used for… View Article

High School and Essay Entitlement Education

High school is a place where students can slide easily through. They do not have to put forth any effort to get a good grade. They feel that they can get maximum achievement with minimum work. To some high school is way too easy and that they can just cake walk through. However, to others,… View Article

Sop for Canadian Visa

I am writing this letter with a request to re-consider my visa application which has been rejected by you on grounds that my previous education is not reasonable with the program I have chosen to study at Vancouver Film School. As you will from the attached certificates, I have done Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program… View Article

How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Word

Paul McHenry Roberts (1917-1967) taught college English for over twenty years, first at San Jose State College and later at Cornell University. He wrote numerous books on linguistics, including Understanding Grammar (1954), Patterns of English (1956), and Understanding English (1958). Freshman composition, like everything else, has its share of fashions. In the 195Os, when this… View Article

Penn Foster College

We are in diverse world, a world of differences and unique situations. For example, it is the mandate of the Law that children should study and that it should be financed by our parents, for most, in their primary and secondary, and for those born with golden spoons on their mouths, up until their college… View Article

First Few Weeks in High School

High school is an enjoyable, but challenging part of life. From the first day of school to the 5th week of school I was confused, excited, and lost. My challenges are getting A’s in all of my classes and being one of the top students in my classes. My successful moments have been getting A’s… View Article

Reflection Letter

The purpose of this study is to show institutional structure differences and similarities between Elementary Montessori schools, Secondary Charter schools, and Higher Education Technical schools. To support this research background information will be provided for each educational structure listed. The study will also include targeted population, class sizes, and educational philosophies for each structure. Montessori… View Article

Vocational education

Post 16 options are given to young people and adults after they finish year 11 from school. Each post-16 option offers you different qualification opportunities and a different mix of teaching methods and assessment. Post 16 options comprises on: ?STUDY FULLL TIME ?6TH FORM OR COLLEGE ? TAKE UP AN APPREN? CESHIP, TRAINEESHIP OR SUPPORTED… View Article

Education and Skills Bill

The Education and Skills Bill introduces a new duty on young people in England to participate in education or training until the age of 18. The Bill follows the green paper Raising Expectations: staying in education and training, which described the perceived benefits to individuals, the economy and society of young people staying in education… View Article

American Universities Contribution to Society

Since the first time a female high school graduate stepped foot into an American university, it has become a tradition for high school graduates to attend college. Prior to this shift in American culture, only wealthy families could send their sons. Instead, sons worked for the family business, or joined the military. During this time… View Article

Preferential Hiring in the North

Inuit in the north, specifically in Nunavut, have an agreement with the government that they receive special benefits to help with day-to-day problems because of what happened to their people in the past. It is common knowledge that when explorers and traders first went to the north, they mistreated the aboriginals up there. They introduce… View Article

Reasons for Attending College or University

Many people attend colleges and universities all over the world to study and conduct research. What are their expectations of the academic experience? In my opinion, people involved in collegiate programs have two main purposes: to gain the experiences and certificates that prepare them for future careers and to increase their knowledge about different aspects… View Article

Community College vs. Universities

Which is better, a community college or university? Both are a great experience. But In my opinion you would benefit more affectively from a community college. There are multiple reasons why a community is better, such as a cheaper cost. In this economy cheaper sounds much nicer than an expensive university. Also a smaller class,… View Article

University and Scholar Ship Funding

Should college athletes be paid? Thesis: Amateur athletes at the major college, should not be paid for college sports; instead college athletes should be thankful they are receiving full four year scholar ship funding, that is treated like a pro contract where it can be terminated if one was injured or a recruiting mistake. I…. View Article

University-industry research relationships

The growth of university-industry research relationships in biotechnology has raised questions concerning their effects, both positive and negative, on universities. A survey of over 1200 faculty members at 40 major universities in the United States reveals that biotechnology researchers with industrial support publish at higher rates, patent more frequently, participate in more administrative and professional… View Article

School Curriculum

The curriculum in today’s schools has survived relatively unchanged for many years. It was created in a completely different world, one where computers were not used and jobs for the uneducated were easy to find. The world has changed significantly since then, but should the education system? School is strongly believed to be a place… View Article

Arellano University

The Jose Abad Santos Campus was formerly called Jose Abad Santos High School. The first Arellano University branch established in Pasay City, it was founded in 1945. Dr. Fidel Colmenar was its first director. Next came Mr. Leonardo Tensuan, who served for 23 years, and under whose leadership as director, JASHS reached the height of… View Article

Subsidies to university

Government subsidies are vital sources for university education. There is a popular cognition all over the world that the more the states government pay for their higher education the better academic level the universities will be. Although, the cost of university education has increased in last decades (CollegeBoard Advocacy & Policy Center 2010). The benefits… View Article

Pressures students face

Imagine sitting in a classroom full of college students. They are from all walks of life. What could possibly be going on in the heads of those students? For instance could it be about the girl or boy that they have a crush on? Maybe they are wondering what they will do after school today?… View Article

College Essay

Topic: In the space provided, please write a concise narrative in which you describe a meaningful event, experience or accomplishment in your life and how it will affect your college experience or your contribution to the UF campus community. You may want to reflect on your family, your school or community activities, or your involvement… View Article

School Counselor

Every student needs help in some way whether entering high school, needing information, choosing a career, or talk about personal problems. As a high schoolor, students realize what roles counselors play in school careers and futures. School counselors are there every step of the way. A school counselor plays multiple roles in a students’ life…. View Article

Schools as Organisations

|You are putting together a booklet for your governors to explain to them the overall system of education in this country, so that they better understand how their local school fits into the | |bigger picture. | | | |Your governors will rely on you for accurate knowledge to enable them to understand the education… View Article